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serving to connect a subordinate clause to a main clause

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Trying to defend her position against such a chain of critique, Kate_G develops a subordinative argumentation structure, in which each argument is supposed to lend support to the previous argument that was challenged.
In addition to the emphatic and mystically tinged postulation of the supreme God, the affinity of the positions was suggested by the triadic schemas of thought used by both, and of course, by the comprehension of Jesus as the incarnation of the Word of the God which dovetailed nicely with the Neoplatonic theory of logos, supporting the so-called early Christian logos-theology--in fact a further reason for the consolidation of subordinative argument in early Christianity.
Thus, the attributive part of the term is subordinative, and, expressing the qualitative relation to the object, determines the meaning of the nucleus, making the word combination the term.
other things being equal, constituents prefer to be placed in an order of increasing complexity, which is defined as follows: (i) clitic < pronoun < noun phrase < adpositional phrase < subordinative clause; (ii) for any category X: X < X co X; (iii) for any category X and Y; X < X [sub Y].
Although courts and scholars often invoke Brown for the principle that states are prohibited from classifying on the basis of race, the Brown opinion, in order to overrule Plessy, relied instead on evidence of the stigmatic and subordinative effect that segregation has on minority schoolchildren, thus concluding that "in the field of public education, the doctrine of 'separate but equal' has no place.
Hard as steel, surcharged with matter, contorted and complex (as Thomas Mann describes it), it is a style that drives Kleist's narratives along at headlong speed thanks to the compression achieved by a syntax which can pack a succession of actions, considerations, and reflections into its subordinative structure.
See further in Tikkanen (1987, 1995) on the distinction between coordinative and subordinative scope structure.
additative rather than subordinative structure, redundancy, and practicality of examples.