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Synonyms for subordinative

serving to connect a subordinate clause to a main clause

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Hard as steel, surcharged with matter, contorted and complex (as Thomas Mann describes it), it is a style that drives Kleist's narratives along at headlong speed thanks to the compression achieved by a syntax which can pack a succession of actions, considerations, and reflections into its subordinative structure.
See further in Tikkanen (1987, 1995) on the distinction between coordinative and subordinative scope structure.
additative rather than subordinative structure, redundancy, and practicality of examples.
For a detailed study of the nature of Kant's logic as subordinative rather than subsumptive Coy contrast with Wolff), see Beatrice Longuenesse, Le Pouvoir de juger (Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1993); and for a study showing this to have been a feature common to the thought of the major philosophers of the seventeenth century, see Jean-Claude Pariente, L'Analyse du langage a Port-Royal.
And he asks whether technological change will make "a society without submissive striving, without subordinative effort.