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formed or situated or occurring beneath the ocean or the ocean bed


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1994: Na, AlIV and AlVI in clinopyroxenes of subcontinental and suboceanic ridge peridotites; a clue to different melting processes in the mantle?
This geographical variable has the potential to link oceanographic transport processes to local communities (see Jokiel and Martinelli 1992, Fraser and Currie 1996 for comparable linkage); (3) the average number of genera in large suboceanic regions (Stehli and Wells 1971: [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED] and Appendix A).
Teleglobe also announced high-speed links with NORDUnet, the Nordic research and academic network, and transatlantic capacity (45 Mbps) via its CANTAT-3 suboceanic cable system for Telenor, the nation's leading telecommunications administration.
Topographic, altitudinal and regional patterns in continental and suboceanic heath vegetation of northern Fennoscandia.
Traditionally, the Festuco-Brometea have been subdivided into geographically vicariant orders, mainly the suboceanic Brometalia erecti W.