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Synonyms for subnormality

the state of being less than normal (especially with respect to intelligence)

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These have included learning disability, developmental disabilities, special care, special needs, mental handicap, mental subnormality, mental retardation and psychopaedic.
There were certainly other causes, he maintained, but they "play a comparatively minor part and are frequently not primary causes, but secondary causes, due frequently to illness or other subnormality.
Subnormality is often not stated neutrally, but evaluated negatively.
British Journal of Mental Subnormality, 37(73), 80-91.
Common disorders are Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, idiopathic mental subnormality, haemolytic anaemias, inborn errors of metabolism and recurrent spontaneous abortions.
After postnatal lead exposure, rod photoreceptor-selective apoptosis, persistent rod-mediated (scotopic) electroretinographic (ERG) subnormality, and scotopic behavioral deficits occur in humans, monkeys, and rodents (Fox and Boyes 2008; Fox et al.
Intrachromosomal insertion of chromosome 13 in a family with psychosis and mental subnormality.