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Synonyms for subnormal


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a person of less than normal intelligence

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below normal or average

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Since, subnormal GFR was observed in most of study population (73%) and among children with subnormal GFR, majority (47.
They also highlight that access to the public sewerage networks has been growing, but is still insufficient, especially in areas of subnormal habitations, according to Emplasa (7,8) and the Cities Ministry (9).
We sought to extend characterization of adults with selective subnormal IgG1.
I was labelled ESN - educationally subnormal - by the nuns.
Subnormal concentration of ATP predispose red blood cells to altered function and structure, a loss of normal deformability and increase in fragility and hemolysis with resultant hemoglobinaemia and hemoglobinuria (Khan and Akhtar, 2007).
During his recent address to a joint sitting of Parliament to outline the new government's plans and policies, President Pranab Mukherjee had said the administration was alert to the "possibility of a subnormal monsoon" and was preparing contingency plans.
In his letter, Jack cites Sir Keith Joseph, "too many women of low IQ having babies" and, Boris, referring to people of subnormal intelligence as members "of our species", as if they were so many specimens in a petri dish.
SF is subnormal both when intake is deficient and when body stores are depleted, and does not distinguish between the two.
0 pg/mL) and subnormal suppression following low-dose overnight dexamethasone suppression (1 mg:5.
The net effect of this protracted period of subnormal economic activity has been nothing short of an "immense human disaster," writes Paul Krugman, winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Economics.
The insulin resistance syndrome encompasses more than a subnormal response to insulin-mediated glucose disposal.
The patient showed subnormal intelligence in the Binet Kamat and Seguin Form tests.
A subnormal sperm count is encountered frequently in male partner1.