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Synonyms for submissiveness

the quality or state of willingly carrying out the wishes of others

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the trait of being willing to yield to the will of another person or a superior force etc

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By Anxiety we mean the experience of intense tension and preoccupation; Depressiveness is related to self-devaluation characteristics and general dissatisfaction; Separation Anxiety refers to concern with loneliness and distancing from people; and Submissiveness presents attributes of exaggerated regard for the opinion and direction of others (APA, 2013; Kruger et al.
When we have two individuals, [and] a person is tilting the head, it shows submissiveness," Eyring said.
It is for its own unbecoming brazen capitulation and submissiveness to the militant brigands and its obsequious appeasement of this murder squad that this hierarchy has insanely yielded so much of ground to the militants that it would now take all in it to regain it, if at all.
Or is it his submissiveness and passivity in the face of solitude?
According to renowned communication author Allan Pease, certain techniques can communicate dominance or submissiveness, and can affect the outcome of a meeting, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.
Conwell, "Acres of Diamonds" to examine the perspectives of office life such as submissiveness, wealth, rags-to-riches, the salesman, and more.
In another study, the DAPP-BQ and the Zuckerman-Kuhlman Personality Questionnaire (ZKPQ) high loadings of Affectivity instability, Anxiousness, Identity problems, Oppositionality, Restricted Expression, Self-Harm, Submissiveness and Suspiciousness were loaded in the Neuroticism factor.
Abdul Aziz Al Balushi, CEO, ahlibank says, "Ramadan is not only a memorable time of fellowship with families, friends and surrounding communities, but also the time when we learn patience, spirituality, humility and submissiveness.
He is no Pakistani supporter -- he loves Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with the same stifling submissiveness that is obligatory for a father of a nation -- but he is prepared to write about what is happening outside, to speak directly to the people who had become ' conscious' during the liberation war.
In clear, concise prose, using engaging examples, de Waal shows that our lineage contains dominance and submissiveness, care and kindness, xenophobia and acceptance.
This includes criticism of central features of Bonhoeffer's theology: his patriarchalism, his assumed perspective as a separative self, and the dangers of advocating "surrender" and submissiveness in relation to others.
The West's inability to reach an agreement with Iran today can't be separated from its failure in dealing with the crisis in Syria or its submissiveness to Israel when it comes to Palestine.
Across the globe Obama's administration is seen as a colossal symbol of American submissiveness and ineptitude.
Although the genre has evolved and diversified over time, its explicit lyrics and videos continue to idealise a femininity marked by an incessant sexual and material appetite, artificial looks and submissiveness.
Looking at the cultural hierarchy between Britain and India, Cameron McFarlane and Ann-Barbara Graff reveal an intractable submissiveness in a film aiming to promote a nation's independence.