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Synonyms for submissively

in a servile manner

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She went up to her father, stretching out her hands for the little dog, which he submissively placed in them, and she began to kiss it and murmur over it: "To think of leaving him all alone,--what a wicked, abominable creature he must believe me
I dunno who you be, but I'll come," said Jason, submissively.
He was too hungry to answer her; and, holding the plate submissively to his hand, she began to whisper up to him in a quick, panting voice.
Turveydrop's deportment so submissively that they had become excellent friends.
Pierre sighed, rose submissively, emptied his glass, and, waiting till all were seated again, turned with his kindly smile to Rostov.
When the dinner was ready Mary told her to come, and she came submissively, as if she let Mary direct her movements for her.
Why, the poor beast is not himself now,' said Nikita, pointing to the horse, which was standing submissively waiting for what might come, with his steep wet sides heaving heavily.
Whereupon the cub covered its fangs, and sank down submissively, while the hand, returning, rubbed behind his ears, and up and down his back.
On the last occasion when the great Russian bugbear provoked a division, he voted submissively with his Conservative allies.
Clara returned the kiss; Clara answered, sadly and submissively,
Turning his back to his captor, he walked submissively away in the direction indicated, looking to neither the right nor the left; hardly daring to breathe, his head and back actually aching with a prophecy of buckshot.
At the word of command, Ariel submissively stretched out one arm toward the dish.
After a moment's hesitation, Mercy left the sofa and advanced submissively toward the table.
Perhaps you are right, uncle,' replied Mrs Kenwigs, submissively.
He bowed submissively, and continued: 'I heard him say, - "I shall manage it, you'll see