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Some behavior professionals consider excitement and submissive urination to be on a continuum of the same behavior, while others make a clear distinction between the two.
Avoidance of eye contact * horizontally retracted lips * lowered head and tail * ears rotated back * crouched body position * lateral recumbency * submissive urination
Submissive urination can also happen when dogs are approached or petted.
Punishing or scolding only makes submissive urination worse.
Submissive urination (SU) is a clear signal that says, "I'm weak; I acknowledge your dominance.
On the gentler side of Tug, the game can be used to elevate status for a dog like our Bonnie Wee Lass, a Scottie/something mix who, at the age of one year, is finally outgrowing her submissive urination behavior.
Passive submission may also be accompanied by submissive urination.