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Synonyms for submerged

Synonyms for submerged

beneath the surface of the water

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growing or remaining under water

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In vain handspikes and crows were brought to bear upon the immovable fluke-chains, to pry them adrift from the timber-heads; and so low had the whale now settled that the submerged ends could not be at all approached, while every moment whole tons of ponderosity seemed added to the sinking bulk, and the ship seemed on the point of going over.
The rock was very small now; soon it would be submerged.
It was a difficult thing to attempt to figure out by earthly standards--this matter of elapsed time--but when I set myself to it I began to realize that I might have been submerged a second or a month or not at all.
It was about three, or a little after, yesterday afternoon that the world finally entered the poison belt to the extent of being completely submerged.
By STEPHEN MUTHINIThe Nairobi-Mombasa highway has been closed at Athi River and traffic diverted to Kangundo Road after a bridge was submerged in water following heavy rains.
At least 10 villages here have been submerged in floodwaters since Saturday dawn when the Kabacan River overflowed following the landfall of Typhoon Storm 'Vinta' in northern Mindanao.
Infanta, Pangasinan -- Philippine Coast Guard Captain Alvin Pamor, with 19 volunteers on board FB "Prince Japhet,"continued their search and rescue mission for the three remaining crew members of the submerged MB "Vanze Allen.
concentration of nutrients in the water for floating species, sediments for rooted species, underwater radiation for submerged species), and ecological processes (competition, coexistence and predation) (Camargo, Henry-Silva, & Pezzato, 2003; Ngari et al.
dpa Dhaka More than 5 million people have been stranded in Bangladesh as monsoon flooding submerged more than one-thirds of the South Asian country and left at least 82 people dead, officials said Friday.
Summary: Bahraich (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Aug 05 (ANI): Roads were submerged and houses were flooded in different villages of Uttar Pradesh's Bahraich, as rains poured down in torrents, bringing normal life to a standstill.
The Submerged Plot and the Mother's Pleasure from Jane Austen to Arundhati Roy.
As many as 350 houses have been submerged since Monday in different parts of the state in the flash floods, State Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation Minister Zodintluanga said.
The driver of New Brighton Lifeboat Station's Talus tractor escaped to safety unharmed after the specially-built vehicle ended up submerged by the river.
Bangkok, Muharram 6, 1438, Oct 7, 2016, SPA -- Monsoon floods in Thailand have killed three people and submerged more than 68,000 households, officials said on Friday.
Mr Letchford, from Bearwood, panicked as he was quickly submerged under the murky waters as he was weighted down with his rucksack.