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Synonyms for submarine

a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments)

move forward or under in a sliding motion

throw with an underhand motion

bring down with a blow to the legs

control a submarine

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attack by submarine

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beneath the surface of the sea


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The laboratory includes a reconfigurable submarine command centre to test and validate the Royal Australian Navy s concept of operations in a simulated operational environment.
The Amur-1650 diesel-electric powered submarine was developed by the Rubin design bureau.
They will be released by the submarine and stay offline before being remotely activated on command.
6) Although the total number of submarines in the world has fallen since the height of the Cold War, mainly due to the retirement of large numbers of old Soviet and Chinese boats, the current global submarine inventory stands at over four hundred submarines operated by some forty countries (see the table).
The Navy will utilize a mix of new accessions into all submarine rates as well as targeted conversions from surface communities to achieve the 20 percent female manning goal.
There are six shipyards in the country that can handle complex submarine construction projects.
The urgency is required since it will take at least three years to select the foreign collaborator, and another seven to eight years after that for the first submarine to roll out.
The submarine, named Hanoi, arrived at Cam Ranh base naval late Tuesday after 45 days in transit, Viet Nam News agency reported.
NEW DELHI -- If India goes to war today, it will have just seven to eight aging conventional submarines to deploy against enemy forces.
The 16-year-old Russian-built submarine was docked at the main naval base in Mumbai when two blasts tore through it on the night of August 14.
Deputy Defense Minister for Industrial and Research Affairs Mohammad Eslami said the designing and construction of Iran's new indigenous submarine is in its final phases and the new submarine will be launched by August 22, marking the National Day of the Defense Industry.
At a "formal" event on Tuesday, the Bulgarian Navy officially retired the last operational Bulgarian submarine "Slava" (i.
The submarine force has constantly evolved during the 11-plus decades since its inception.
The German-designed Type 214 submarines, selected by the Republic of Korea s Navy for its KSS II Batch 2 submarine programme, will be equipped with Thales X-band Satcom Terminals, the French-based company announced yesterday.
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