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(chemistry) a change directly from the solid to the gaseous state without becoming liquid

(psychology) modifying the natural expression of an impulse or instinct (especially a sexual one) to one that is socially acceptable

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03 when heading her rival inside the final furlong but Sublimation fought back.
Photo USA markets sublimation substrates and heat press equipment to personalization products companies, and at the 2014 SGIA Expo, Photo USA will bring their exciting line of Sublimation Bundle Kits to the showroom floor and will offer Show Specials including free shipping
The Xennia Corundum sublimation ink continues this story and uses the same technology strategy: in benchmark testing against other inks available on the market our product shows improved jetting performance, enhanced transfer efficiency from the sublimation paper and superior colour on the textile.
This print head is ideal for sublimation transfer printing because it does not use heat during printing and the ink is not vaporized within the head.
It is specially developed for dye sublimation transfer and direct printing, produces bright and vibrant colors, has a long shelf life and has superb lightfastness properties.
In addition to silicon sublimation, EOC researchers Joshua Robinson, Mark Fanton, Brian Weiland, Kathleen Trumbull, and Michael LaBella are developing the synthesis and device fabrication of graphene on silicon using a non-sublimation route as a means to achieve wafer diameters exceeding 200mm, a necessity for integrating graphene into the existing semiconductor industry.
int]) which exposed to sublimation changes into a wise entity ([E.
At work in both the narrator's aesthetic theory and the patron's assumption that time will inevitably draw the narrator closer to his position is the logic of cultural sublimation.
Dye sublimation, a dye-transfer process that got its start in the 1960s for use in textiles, has advanced in recent years to provide wear-resistant, full-color surface decoration of flat objects like mouse pads and tiles.
One of the newer trends in uniforms is the incorporation of sublimation printing, a process that places a sublimation transfer printed on paper onto fabric and then applying heat (usually with a flatbed heat press) to both.
According to Maintain, the French School did an immense service to the Church by insisting with admirable zeal on the sanctity toward which the priest has the duty to strive, but at the same time it promoted an illusory sublimation of the priesthood through a serious misunderstanding of its true grandeur.
It will also cover the technologies involved in the customization process, including heat transfer, digital printing, screen printing, engraving, embossing and sublimation.
With print speeds of just 10 seconds, the new sublimation thermal transfer printer provides highly detailed images with extremely sharp resolution.
One persisting interpretation suggests that the mythological figures in the painting undergo transformation to show a progressive sublimation of sensual love in intellectual contemplation.