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(chemistry) a change directly from the solid to the gaseous state without becoming liquid

(psychology) modifying the natural expression of an impulse or instinct (especially a sexual one) to one that is socially acceptable

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At the show, Epson will launch its brand new SureColor SC-F9300 64-inch dye sublimation textile printer for fast, high-volume clothing, textiles, interiors, furnishings, merchandise, and soft signage production, with Precision Dot technology and UltraChrome DS inks.
Epson was one of the first to use pigment inks for home textile applications, printing more than five million metres of fabric to date - as well as a range of sublimation and direct fabric printers.
This method starts with the application of an image to specially coated surfaces-in this case, aluminum sheets-using three main ingredients: sublimation ink, heat and pressure.
So, we applied a lot of our knowledge about pigment and dye sublimation into oil-based inkjet products.
03 when heading her rival inside the final furlong but Sublimation fought back.
In a 33-page introduction on BarthAEs life and work, Green surveys how Barth has been perceived in religious studies over the years and summarizes BarthAEs major ideas, looking at BarthAEs views of revelation as the sublimation of religion, religion as a theological problem, and how BarthAEs theory of religion compares with other influential theories of modern academia.
The Xennia Corundum sublimation ink continues this story and uses the same technology strategy: in benchmark testing against other inks available on the market our product shows improved jetting performance, enhanced transfer efficiency from the sublimation paper and superior colour on the textile.
Epson dye sublimation papers - all-new dye sublimation media development by Epson
This print head is ideal for sublimation transfer printing because it does not use heat during printing and the ink is not vaporized within the head.
investigates the phenomena of sublimation, or the delaying of instinctual gratification for higher goals or desires, in the history of Western and especially German thought.
In his last major work, Civilisation and its Discontents (1929), Freud returned to the now well-trodden idea that cultural forms are the sublimation of sexual drives, claiming that 'the beauty of human forms and gestures, of natural objects and landscapes, of artistic and even scientific creations', has 'its origin in the sphere of sexual feeling', feeling whose instinctual expression must be inhibited by the requirements of civilisation.
Using a process called silicon sublimation, EOC researchers David Snyder and Randy Cavalero thermally processed silicon carbide wafers in a physical vapor transport furnace until the silicon migrated away from the surface, leaving behind a layer of carbon that formed into a one- to two-atom-thick film of graphene on the wafer surface.
In relative long periods of time quantative and especially qualitative changes of the concepts appear, until the sublimation point is reached- initially a new concept appears which finally becomes sublime.
An alembic is a heat-resistant laboratory vessel in which solid material is refined or transformed into gas; it is a key instrument in the chemical process known as sublimation.