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Synonyms for subjunctive

a mood that represents an act or state (not as a fact but) as contingent or possible

relating to a mood of verbs

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Also, it is reasonable to assume that subjunctive forms began to die out for pragmatic reasons.
What are most alien here are the fractalized alien natures of the autobiographer, the evidence needed to determine the velocity while upon railroads, and the averted (turned away and alienated) sign of a subjunctive existence that prompts the dream fugue--a drastic shift from, say, the Opium-Eater's famous apparition at the beginning of De Quincey's corpus.
A difficulty with employing a subjunctive understanding of institutional responsibility in the case of seeking to explain the relevance of global interaction might best be demonstrated by drawing on a hypothetical example.
In German, ceteris paribus, such discourse also adopts the present tense, although sometimes gid (governed indirect discourse) plumps out the subjunctive.
And why do they need to learn the imperfect subjunctive, anyway?
And I doubt they would care if the blessing were in the subjunctive or indicative.
Another frequently occurring topic was the perennial problem with subjunctive mood after the verb wish, as in "I wish I (was/were) able to go.
Adeptly employing conditional and subjunctive verbs and qualifying adverbs to indicate what may have been the case, she nonetheless mounts a strong, clear argument.
9-10, for example: "the contrary-to-factness of the subjunctive itself contrary to fact: '--as if something were the matter'--as if nothing were the matter
Then, Casilde Isabelli studies the use and simplification of the subjunctive mood amongst Spanish-speaking Latinos in Reno, Nevada.
Sir Ben Kingsley plays Herman Tarnower, the womanizing doctor who launched the self-help tome; Annette Bening stars as Jean Harris, the woman who loved him way too much, insisting they were ``two people who didn't argue except over the use of the subjunctive.
For this true subjunctive is precisely what occupies the space between 'THE END' of the novel and the appendix on 'THE PRINCIPLES OF NEWSPEAK'.
Is "was" as correct as "were" in this subjunctive phrase?
We show how the catastrophic loss of the morphological marking of the mood distinctions in the verb ending during the transition from Classical Greek to Hellenistic Koine was followed by (i) the emergence of a separate projection of a functional category MOOD inside the Comp-layer hosting the subjunctive/ indicative mood features followed by (ii) the grammaticalization of the conjunction hina to the subjunctive mood particle na and its transference from the C head to the separate MOOD head located between the C and the INFL heads and (iii) the subsequent relocation of the imperative from the INFL head to the MOOD head.