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Synonyms for subjoin

to add as a supplement or an appendix

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add to the end

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54r/ subjoin a few words touching (g) the Effects of Laws which shall be the Subject of the next Chapter;
It is important subjoin the temporal and dynamic aspects (element 7) of follow up in the process of alignment (HENDERSON; VENKATRAMAN, 1993) represented by the element 7 which, according to Souza and Joia (2009), acts as support base.
We subjoin a comparison of the prices of some of the leading lines:-
I subjoin a list of books which you will please forward by Adams' Express.
B) I subjoin the following critical remarks: (a) Everywhere else Aristotle uses the expression "natural bodies" only in the sense of "elementary bodies.
and then apply it to Practice, as well in the true Writing, as correcting Errors; and subjoin a fictitious Specimen, to render what is discours'd intelligible (60).
Many thousands of readers have, we doubt not, entered upon their tasks since even "DAVID COPPERFIELD" monthly appeared, between his "green leaves," and some of these readers may note with favour the statement we here subjoin.
I may subjoin the words of the great Catholic scholar Johannes Quasten (Catholic University of America, from a previous rather than a contemporary generation) on Basil's Hexaemeron as "an amazing display of natural science and philosophy.
In vain did the 'last poet' of the thirteenth-century Nibelungenlied subjoin a copyright interdict to the thirty-ninth aventiure as a charm against continuators ('hie hilt daz maere ein ende: daz ist der Nibelunge not').
I here subjoin for publication a remarkable letter which I received from Mrs.
We subjoin the following piece of highly wrought and beautiful description.