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Synonyms for subjoin

to add as a supplement or an appendix

Words related to subjoin

add to the end

References in classic literature ?
But as a means of satisfying my readers that they may depend on me, I subjoin an extract from my list of references to the Report of the Marriage Commission, which any persons who may be so inclined can verify for themselves.
That the case of Mary Jones may speak the more emphatically for itself, I subjoin it, as related by SIR WILLIAM MEREDITH in a speech in Parliament, 'on Frequent Executions', made in 1777.
In compliance with this custom--unquestionably a bad one --we subjoin a few biographical words, in relation to the party at Mr.
54r/ subjoin a few words touching (g) the Effects of Laws which shall be the Subject of the next Chapter;
We subjoin a comparison of the prices of some of the leading lines:-
B) I subjoin the following critical remarks: (a) Everywhere else Aristotle uses the expression "natural bodies" only in the sense of "elementary bodies.
I may subjoin the words of the great Catholic scholar Johannes Quasten (Catholic University of America, from a previous rather than a contemporary generation) on Basil's Hexaemeron as "an amazing display of natural science and philosophy.