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Synonyms for subjective

Synonyms for subjective

based on individual judgment or discretion

Synonyms for subjective

taking place within the mind and modified by individual bias

of a mental act performed entirely within the mind


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Among the topics are cultural policy and the promotion of World War I heritage sites in France, cultural democracy and the creation of new professional subjectivities, the notion of civil society organizations in Swedish cultural policy, navigating the producer-consumer dichotomy and the cultural policy in the digital age, American cultural policy and the rise of arts management programs, and cultural policy and agency in a cultural minority context.
Marronage and creolization are integral in understanding the range of black male subjectivities that performed under the umbrella of class, race, nation and gender, even as those same performances were producing, underground as it were, "other" narratives about black identity and migration during the 1920s-30s, the period in which McKay wrote.
Does this collapse of sovereignty over the body in childbirth take us towards a place where subjectivity is dissolved, as is often assumed, or does it invite attention to new and complex subjectivities that may be produced in birthing?
Typical of the genre, the work is for five voices which have the capacity either to blend together into a single vocal persona or to subdivide into smaller groups, each representative of a different protagonist or of the conflicting, shifting subjectivities of a single protagonist--in this case Mirtillo, who is at once vulnerable, resentful, hysterical, and accusatory.
11) Male labor historians, most notoriously Bryan Palmer, who worried that the focus on subjectivities ignored "the real," led the opposition in fixating on material conditions workers faced everyday.
The threads of the material dimensions of class get submerged under discussions of subjectivities that are often not adequately related back to these women's lives.
In her introduction Rajah maps the background, both historical and theoretical, to her analyses of gendered subjectivities in cultural contexts.
It continues on in all sorts of ways; death ends individual subjectivities while at the same time others are continuing or being created.
Her study of nearly a century of texts representing British subjectivities involves demystifying or denaturalizing the assumptions about individuality or "soul" that bourgeois readers of literary and autobiographical accounts have imposed upon the understanding of subjective experiences.
To say "intellectual life in early 20th-century Puerto Rico" is to speak of those intellectuals whose contradictory subjectivities were fundamentally shaped by the conflictive socio-economic and political terrains of the first decades under US colonial rule.
The collective structure allows Reena and her city to be "'communized'--each somehow interchangeable as enactments of a putting-in-common of [the writers'] separate subjectivities and linguistic capacities.
Appleby scrupulously includes both history's winners and losers in that narrative, yet her source base does not afford equal access to the countervailing subjectivities and alternative ideologies of the losers--those who likely viewed the triumph of individualism and nationalism rather differently.
Subjectivity is now generally conceived as emerging only with and in relation to industrialization and capitalism, and we have failed to formulate persuasive conceptualizations of the formation of pre-modern (pre-public) subjectivities in societies based on rank, display, and personalized (if not always feudal) relations.