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Synonyms for subjective

Synonyms for subjective

based on individual judgment or discretion

Synonyms for subjective

taking place within the mind and modified by individual bias

of a mental act performed entirely within the mind


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Because 'capital does an outstanding job of de-centering subjectivities that are inhospitable to it' as Dolgert points out, 'opposing it requires a renewed effort to think what progressive reterritorialization looks like rather than racing to embrace ever new deterritorializations' (Dolgert, this issue).
This resituation of pain offers the opportunity to recognize the specificity of childbirth pain as a crucial aspect of women's diverse birthing subjectivities.
Modal Subjectivities was recognized by the American Musicological Society in 2005 with its coveted Kinkeldey Award; however, the book's engaging style, bold premise, and persuasive argument will reward and gratify the reader who possesses a modicum of music literacy and a general interest in Renaissance poetics, regardless of discipline.
In the carnavalesque elements of the dance--in the politics of playing with the past--dancers bridge languages of class with performances of class at the same time as they refract the modern racial and gender ironies, contradictions and tensions in middle-class subjectivities and fantasies.
11) Since the 1990s revisionist scholarship on early modern subjectivities has also witnessed a growing interest in postcolonial theoretical perspectives.
Through highlighting the experiences of African Caribbean women in Britain, I argue that our specific, interrelated but distinctive subjectivities are polyvocal and ever changing.
Weaving each woman's own words and experiential accounts together with feminist theory and her own ideas and musings, Pini not only facilitates the emergence of women's clubbing experiences but also gently extracts knowledges and ideas about evolving female subjectivities and femininities from these broader experiential discussions.
In his introduction to Immigrant Subjectivities, Sheng-mei Ma asserts that his exploration of immigrant representations of Asian and Asian Americans brings together "ethnic, postcolonial, and area studies.
In her introduction Rajah maps the background, both historical and theoretical, to her analyses of gendered subjectivities in cultural contexts.
Such metaphors suggest that subjectivities are natural entities like any others.
It continues on in all sorts of ways; death ends individual subjectivities while at the same time others are continuing or being created.
Subjectivities is an important addition to the subject, centred on Victorian and early twentieth-century publications.
Her study of nearly a century of texts representing British subjectivities involves demystifying or denaturalizing the assumptions about individuality or "soul" that bourgeois readers of literary and autobiographical accounts have imposed upon the understanding of subjective experiences.
Must a writer or painter depict, either imaginatively or through documentary, only those subjectivities of which she has personal knowledge?
To say "intellectual life in early 20th-century Puerto Rico" is to speak of those intellectuals whose contradictory subjectivities were fundamentally shaped by the conflictive socio-economic and political terrains of the first decades under US colonial rule.