subfamily Caesalpinioideae

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In general, the species of the subfamily Caesalpinioideae have medium to thick fibre walls, aliform, confluent and marginal parenchyma, homocellular rays or with a row of square or upright marginals cells, biseriate rays non-storeyed and prismatic crystals in chambered axial parenchyma cells (Baretta-Kuipers 1981, Hohn 1999, Herendeen 2000, Gasson et al.
Prismatic crystals are common in subfamily Caesalpinioideae, particularly frequent in axial parenchyma cells, however a of num ber important genera of the Detarieae tribe also have prismatic crystals common in ray cells, usually one crystal per cell or chamber: Brownea, Cynometra, Dicymbe, Elizabetha, Heterostemon and Macrolobium (except M.