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(biology) a taxonomic category below a family

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In the collections from Rio Grande do Sul, the subfamily Myrmecinae showed the highest species richness, followed by Formicinae, Ecitoninae, Ectatomminae, Ponerinae and Dolichoderinae (Table 1).
The present research work is based on the molecular study of Ropalida brevita species from the genus Ropalida of the Subfamily Polistinae of family Vespidae using 12S rRNA gene and Cytochrome 1 (Co1) gene of collected from Abbottabad, Pakistan.
Although boa constrictors are a species related to sand boas, they are in a different subfamily, called Boinae, along with anacondas.
Dipterocarpoid floral visitors, Dipterocarpus excepted, are pollen robbers: The geography and phylogeny of the distinctive dipterocarpoid androecium, its anthers of generically distinct form and usually with diverse connectival appendages, are fundamental to understanding dipterocarp pollination biology and breeding systems, provide the primary basis for generic diagnosis, and thereby give insight into pollinator co-evolution as the subfamily met new opportunities; yet they receive no mention.
Branchial bopyrid parasites of caridean shrimps are most commonly members of the subfamily Bopyrinae, whose species are not known to infest any hosts but carideans.
Members of subfamily Charipinae are very small wasps (~1 mm of length) with a worldwide distribution, characterized by a smooth and shiny body.
Ants of the Pseudomyrmecinae subfamily (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) are distinctly agile, large-eyed, and wasp-like with a well-developed sting (Ward, 1990).
The subfamily Avenzoariinae (Analgoidea: Avenzoariidae) has 8 genera and 60 named species (Mironov, 1991).
1, the Campopleginae was the most common subfamily in the area of study with 56 individuals that contributes to 58.
The subfamily Copelatinae, represented by two unidentified species, is reported for the first time from Santa Fe Province.
Members of this now-extinct subfamily ranged from small to whopper, with the largest weighing up to 240 kilograms.
2013) subfamily Secamonoideae plus Asclepiadoideae (Tatyana et al.
Abstract The paper gives seven new records of species for Iraqi longhorned beetles fauna as Aegosoma scabricorne (Scopoli, 1763) for the subfamily Prioninae; Cerambyx (s.
We don't mean to be prickly, but if you or a child in your life can't resist the lure of the subfamily Erinaceinae, do your homework and remember that the real challenge of a pet comes when novelty and cuteness wear off, replaced by care, constant feeding, and occasional veterinary bills.
Increases in phosphorylation of the extracellular regulated protein kinase (ERK), a subfamily of MAPKs alter synaptic efficacy and learning and memory.