suberic acid

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a dicarboxylic acid found in cork

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In addition, the selection of the analytes presented in the tables does not seem well founded (for example, common analytes discussed in the text, such as al-microglobulin and cystatin, were not included, whereas other very specialized analytes, such as suberic acid, not mentioned in the text, were included).
In our previous work [10], N,N'-bis(benzoyl) suberic acid dihydrazide as heterogeneous nucleation agent can significantly improve the crystallization of PLLA.
N,N'-bis(benzoyl) suberic acid dihydrazide leads to the shift of the melt crystallization to higher temperature and becomes much sharper in the melting crystallization process of PLLA.
N,N'-bis(benzoyl) suberic acid dihydrazide has been used to improve nucleating effect of PLLA, However, the effect on performance of PLLA is different due to different methyl of amide compound.