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More recently he had worked as a freelance subeditor for RE&D NI and had set up a news site dedicated to stories surrounding Lough Neagh.
El subeditor aclara: "The Guardian nunca se refirio a los documentos como contratos".
I did," said the chief subeditor, who was standing directly behind me.
By way of continuity, however, it is the 50th issue prepared by our Production Manager, Subeditor, and erstwhile Editor, David Vale.
My subeditor was my fellow Nieman and fellow resident of Crimson Court, Ganga Pillai, from Malaysia.
Down in Kaftan Korner (the new, updated name for Cravat Corner to reflect its current shambling hippie ethos,) a subeditor is trimming an image from the new Tate exhibition of Sixties art, currently in Brum.
Rendell worked as a reporter and subeditor for West Essex newspapers.
The magazine failed, not so much for want of popular support as because the publishers were dishonest, Lowell's eyesight failed, and the subeditor he left in charge was tactless and inefficient.
He was Late Chief Subeditor on the Sunday Mirror for many years.
What the simple test could not reveal is that my life - working from 8am until 4am during the "Hot War" period of the Troubles (1969 to 1976), then 20-hour days during the peace movement days, then all night for 10 years as a self-employed typesetter picking up "rush jobs" at 5pm from the overworked trade, followed by evening/ night shifts as a subeditor - had changed me from being - the "lark" that I once was.
Former Mail editor Ian Dowell, who retired in 2001, said the former subeditor and production editor was the link between the bustle of the newsroom and a territorial production staff, in the days when the hot-metal process was still in use.
For the past seven years, Jude had been a chief subeditor on the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo's weekly titles.
More significantly, perhaps, that verdict is endorsed by Evening Telegraph subeditor Mike Malyon, who is old enough but still mentally sharp enough to recall the original
As a young Formby Times subeditor he once took me to task for using the headline "On yer bike
I had hoped to be the first Thomson House competitor to finish, but 28yearold subeditor Richard Lenhert beat me to it.