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(music) the fourth note of the diatonic scale

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to subdominant (E-flat major), parallels the tonal plan of the
Zizia aurea is a subdominant tallgrass prairie species which, while conspicuous and widespread, is unlikely to be abundant, dominant, or an important contributor to community structure.
However, subdominant individuals transported seeds farther from the continuous feeder than did dominant individuals.
Only two grasses were present in these clearings (small crabgrass, Digitaria ischaemum, and spreading witchgrass, Panicum dichotomiflorum) and both were subdominants.
Dynamics of subdominant taxa (Holopedium, Bosmina) were somewhat erratic and more difficult to interpret.
The overture, in Hepokoski's reading, is a kind of failed sonata form: following a brief slow introduction, the movement proper begins with a primary theme in the tonic major; the subordinate theme, however, is in the subdominant, not the dominant, and is structured--unusually--as a closed-off rounded binary (small ternary) which follows immediately on the primary theme with no normatively structured transition; there follows an extremely short development, after which only the first theme is recapitulated.
His inclinations to go to the flat sixth or flat second as well as the subdominant are characteristic of his instrumental works as well, and some parallels could have been drawn since the nature of the relationships may at times be clearer in the instrumental works.
Increasing levels of subdominant oak within ponderosa pine stands have been shown to exert a major influence on forest floor nutrient contents of those systems (Klemmedson, 1987).
His favorite scale for improvising was G Dorian, in which he developed extended material on the subdominant seventh chord on C - concert [E.
Thus the basic riff's move from tonic to subdominant and back again can be seen on a larger level to mirror the subdominant-heavy chorus sounding between tonic-based verses and riff statements.
His new theory promotes the observation that 'the sense of structural arrival and harmonic continuity that the A fiat to E motion engenders' derives from 'a "double-barreled" discharge from Dominant and Subdominant functions on the final Tonic'; and Harrison's labelling, discussed in full in his commentary, strives to do justice to the 'functional multiplicity' of harmonic events in which elements of all three basic harmonic identities participate with subtly shifting weightings.
Only at Site 8 does the importance value of a subdominant species, white oak (Quercus alba L.
It is true that C as a root and as a cadence degree does later come to act as a subdominant of G.
In the harmonic treatment of sequence, Brover-Lubovsky finds an apt application of Eric Chafe's "counter-clockwise" circle of fifths--that is, sequences that move from subdominant to subdominant instead of dominant to dominant.