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Synonyms for subdivision

one of the parts into which something is divided

a part of a family, tribe, or other group, or of such a group's language, that is believed to stem from a common ancestor

Synonyms for subdivision

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Compared to the subdivision approvals process of the past, today's subdivision requirements are significantly more onerous and time consuming, and exponentially more costly.
The private status of a subdivision may reduce access to areas and people within police jurisdictions.
There are no mature trees here; the subdivision was built on a tobacco farm so there were none to preserve.
If construction of the subdivision has not commenced or is not substantially advanced, the public entity might agree to rescind the subdivision improvement agreement, release the subdivision bond, and allow the property to revert to it former status.
Parry Sound Marine owner Rudy Krist wants to build a 10-townhouse subdivision next to his marina at the mouth of the Seguin River.
Supervising regional planner Paul McCarthy said many of the illegal subdivisions were revoked, to the dismay of the property owners.
The city's claim that the owners' cessation of development and failure to sell any of the lots demonstrated that their property was not an actual existing subdivision was rejected by the court.
Sharboneau, the Texas Supreme Court recognized the Appraisal Institute as a leading organization in the field of real estate appraising and cited two Appraisal Institute publications, The Appraisal of Real Estate, 11th Edition, (1996) and Subdivision Analysis (1993), in its consideration of the subdivision analysis issue.
The 30-lot subdivision known as Brick Hill, located on the highest point in Bridgehampton, NY, is one of the company's greatest success stories.
But three generations of the Wolfs are here for a family reunion at our cabin, part of a typical Colorado subdivision nestled into dense ponderosa pine and oak brush.
What about the chronological subdivision in the form of "to [date]"?
Sandpiper Subdivision - near Aldine Westfield Road and Hirschfield Road
THE HOMEOWNERS of the upscale Loyola Grand Villas subdivision in Marikina and Quezon City have opened their gates to the police amid fears of planted evidence during the conduct of Oplan Tokhang.
Subdivision (h) 48-1 Moves the contents of subdivision (h) from Rule 9.
A future subdivision on Hammond Island in the Torres Strait is set to deliver both essential social housing and economic opportunities for the local community.