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someone who divides parts into smaller parts (especially a divider of land into building sites)

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Normally, as anyone who has built on a lifestyle block can attest, the subdivider or new home builder pays the cost of any power assets required, and then "gifts" those assets to the lines company.
And in a very real sense, the subdivider profits from the conditions imposed upon him, since the provision of safety and health requirements benefits potential buyers, thus rendering the lots of the subdivision more attractive.
community of subdividers and lot purchasers as signals that a subdivider
In the particular realm of exactions, the post-1970 increase in the use of nontax revenue-raising devices led to yet another expansion of subdivision regulations, requiring more extensive subdivider contributions to a wider range of capital infrastructure projects and services.
Most of the residents were duped by the parcel's subdivider, who assured them that land purchases would eventually be accompanied by gas, electric, water, and other services.
Sporadic urban expansion left largely to the operations of the subdivider creates ribbon developments along the transportation corridors, with large undeveloped interstices between them, greatly increasing the cost and difficulties of providing essential public facilities and services.
Leal (1993) explain, "the subdivider who puts covenants in deeds that preserve open space, improve views, and generally harmonize development with the environment establishes property rights to these values and captures the value in higher asset prices" (21).
An example would be a condominium project held for sale by a builder or lots held for sale by a subdivider.
Scratch a farmer," Macpherson often said, "and you'll find a subdivider.
75-25 previously allowed a subdivider of real estate to request permission from the district director to include the estimated cost of certain common improvements in the basis of lots sold, when determining the gain or loss resulting from the sale of lots.
Then, as a large-scale subdivider, he decided the socioeconomic mix of many suburbs.
20) An easement is of course a property right, but this easement was only "protected by a liability rule": Spur Industries allowed a subdivider, acting on behalf of the neighboring residents, to buy the easement with the buyout price fixed at the feedlot operation's moving costs.
Water service was to be extended to future units as requested by the subdivider.
adversely affect the right of the subdivider or developer or his