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  • verb

Synonyms for subdivide

to separate into branches or branchlike parts

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form into subdivisions

divide into smaller and smaller pieces

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The mutation forms, together with the search document, the consent form from the Land Control Board, the PPA1 and the PPA2 forms are then deposited with the district survey office, where a cartographer allocates new plot numbers to the subdivided plots.
For different values of d , the results related to a super ) , ( d a -EAT labeling can be found for w-trees [8], extended w-trees [9, 10], generalized extended w-trees [11, 12] , stars [20], subdivided stars [13, 14, 15, 21, 22, 29], path-like trees [2], caterpillars [17, 18, 25], subdivided caterpillar [16], disjoint union of stars and books [6] and wheels, fans and friendship graphs [24], paths and cycles [23] and complete bipartite graphs [1].
The building can be subdivided to accommodate up to 4 tenants needing space between 28,000 and 33,000 sf and also includes a 3,300 sf speculative office in one of the lease spaces.
Recommendations consist of book reviews from the current edition of American Reference Books Annual and are organized by general reference works (subdivided by type of book), social sciences, humanities, and science and technology (these last three subdivided alphabetically).
From Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, King George's court physician who subdivided humanity into five unequal categories during the Declaration of Independence era, to early twentieth-century birth control advocate Margaret Sanger's view of birth control as a means to curb the procreation of "socially degenerate" populations "unfit" for democracy, to the 2005 president of Harvard University's claim that "issues of intrinsic aptitude" explain the under representation of women in the sciences and mathematics, Typecasting leaves no stone unturned from ancient taxonomies of human difference to modern-day battlegrounds of ideas.
While most Lebanese are Arabs, they are divided into Muslims and Christians, and these groups in turn are subdivided into numerous faiths or sects.
In some cases, property owners went through the usual public hearing procedure and got permission to cut their land into smaller parcels, but applied for a certificate saying the land had been subdivided years earlier.
Clients who subdivide land or develop land as condominium units, and then sell the subdivided and developed land, normally have their entire gain taxed at high ordinary income tax rates, since the client is classified as a "dealer" selling "inventory" in the form of subdivided lots or condominiums.
Many of the drawings feature a single biomorphic form, its interior divided and subdivided into irregular cells, its edges sprouting podlike extremities (some of these look eerily like renderings of Lee Bontecou sculptures).
But the onset of the French Revolution in 1789 redistributed vineyards to regional families, which, subsequently, have been subdivided within families.
There are also suggested title lists for school media centers, subdivided by elementary, middle, and high school; an extensive list of information resources; and over a dozen lesson plans based on graphic novels.
He has subdivided the remaining land into several smaller ranches, which he has put up for sale.
Fiction titles are subdivided into 14 categories such as "Adventure and survival stories" and "Contemporary life and problems," with a new section for graphic novels.
These major divisions are subdivided according to the physical configuration of the mineralization.
Thus, (1) X may be subdivided, by means of a series of trustee-to-trustee transfers, so that a separate IRA may be created in the name of A (deceased) for the benefit of B and (2) X may be subdivided, by means of a series of trustee-to trustee-transfers, so that a separate IRA may be created in the name of A (deceased) for the benefit of T, to hold and distribute said transferred IRA amounts for the benefit of C.