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a clergyman an order below deacon

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At First Vespers subdeacons assumed roles normally filled by the cantor or a deacon in the recitation of the Hours, relinquishing these at Second Vespers, followed by a festive New Year's Day collation in their honor.
Book I, Letter XLII (147) is addressed to Anthemius the Subdeacon,
This is correct, but in a Christian context [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] also means a minor ecclesiastic official, such as a deacon or a subdeacon.
A certain subdeacon came to Benedict's monastery asking for a few drops of oil.
The Archbishop then went towards the main entrance attended by the deacon and the subdeacon, and preceded by the Crucifix carried between lighted candles.
The choir was made up of three categories--thirteen vicars choral, all of them in priestly orders, four clerks in the order of deacon or subdeacon, and six boy choristers.
Finally an immense black drape is unfurled from a ceiling pulley system by the tall, gaunt subdeacon, Bruce McLay, who cuts a figure right out of an El Greco.
We want to sing a solemn mass every fourth Sunday of the month with deacon and subdeacon and with a procession carrying a crucifix ahead and a banner and burning candles.
Many immigrants have just gotten here from countries where soldiers with machine guns walk the streets," said Gloria Morales Hurd, subdeacon with St.
Peter in Carderia, near Burgos, where in 1904 he was ordained subdeacon by the same Archbishop.
Edward Higgons must have been resident in Oxford for some years before 1501, when he entered holy orders and was ordained subdeacon and deacon on 6 and V March respectively at St Frideswide's Priory (now Christ Church Cathedral).
Any ecclesiastic, from bishop to subdeacon, who produced children with an ancilla met with the church's censure.
182); it was the order of subdeacon that was abolished, but the sentence still does not make sense if 'subdeacon' is substituted.
Paul VI suppressed, but affirmed the historical fact of, the major order of subdeacon, an important point because some early documents list the "deaconess" between subdeacon and deacon, therefore among the major orders.
Previously clerics in the Catholic Church passed through several stages on the way to priesthood, from the minor orders of porter, lector, exorcist, and acolyte to the major orders of subdeacon, deacon, and priest, with a few going on to become bishops.