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a large and distinctive landmass (as India or Greenland) that is a distinct part of some continent

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McMahon probes the history of the subcontinent to solve one of the Cold War's great unanswered questions: Why did the United States try to make friends and allies in almost every corner of the globe, and why did it fail so completely?
The outlines of the Two-Nation theory form an interpretive foundation, though without unnecessarily belittling the non-Muslim majority of the subcontinent.
Now with global sales revenue exceeding $500 million, Phoenix realizes ensuring a strong presence in the Indian subcontinent (ISC) is vital to steady company growth.
The book has highlighted various aspects of the life of the iconic leader and the steps he undertook to infuse a new spirit in the lives of the Muslims of the subcontinent who were deeply disappointed after the 1857 War of Independence.
Ranatunga noted that the government of Sri Lanka wants to involve a company from the Indian subcontinent as nearly 75% of container traffic through Colombo is trans-shipment cargo from the region.
This was the Quaid's reply to the leaders of the Hindu Congress, which used to claim that there were only two powers in the Subcontinent, the British and the Congress.
flydubai offers cargo services on all its African routes, providing cargo solutions to a network of more than 90 destinations in Africa, Middle East and Subcontinent, Eastern Europe, Russia, Caucasus and Central Asia, and 135 additional destinations worldwide due to interline agreements.
We are experiencing strong passenger loads right across the continent, with passengers travelling through our hub in Abu Dhabi to the key commercial and tourism destinations in the Middle East, and further afield, to Europe, North America, the Indian Subcontinent, North Asia, South East Asia and Australia.
According to the Daily Times, Miandad said that it is the nature of cricket fans of the subcontinent to tend to forget a player soon after he retires, especially if the said player tries to prolong his international career, adding that he feels that Tendulkar is going at a time when India has found some very talented batsmen who are now the reigning heroes.
Global shipping and logistics services provider GAC has won the 'Logistics Award' at the prestigious Lloyd's List Middle East & Indian Subcontinent Awards (MEISA), for the second consecutive year.
First the ICC World Twenty20 in the West Indies and then next year's ICC World Cup on the subcontinent and it is important that we explore all our options.
London's Whitechapel gallery gets ready to showcase pictures from the subcontinent going back to 150 years
ATOL sports correspondents in 13 Asian countries, including the Indian subcontinent and Central Asia, and reprints articles from a number of local publications throughout the continent.
Snakeheads made their way from the Indian subcontinent into China and Africa, where they're found in abundance today.
With the arrival of Vasco da Gama, the first European explorer to reach India, several European nations compete to establish trade routes to the subcontinent.