subarachnoid space

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a space in the meninges beneath the arachnoid membrane and above the pia mater that contains the cerebrospinal fluid

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Rupture of the ICD is usually non-fatal and persistence of fat droplets in the subarachnoid spaces may last asymptomatically for years, but malignant transformation has been reported in a few cases (14).
EVE causes intrathecal drug to ascend cephalad over a larger distribution which might decrease the concentration of the local anaesthetic within the subarachnoid space.
Communicating hydrocephalus is caused by diminished resorption of CSF at the arachnoid granulations, leading to an expansion of both the ventricular system and the subarachnoid space.
On microscopic examination, in addition to considerable thickening and redundancy of vessels in the subarachnoid space and along the intradural parts of the spinal roots, there is also extensive demyelination and necrosis of the cord.
The investigators have found that interleukin-1 most effectively induces sleep when it is injected into the subarachnoid space, the CSF-filled region covering the surface of the brain.
Between the inner and middle layers is the subarachnoid space, which is normally filled with fluid.
These pumps are surgically implanted in the subcutaneous tissues, usually in the abdominal area, and a catheter attached to the pump is placed intravenously or in the epidural or subarachnoid space.
In particular, the dependent portions of the subarachnoid space and ventricular system should be carefully examined, as these areas may reveal subtle levels of SAH that have settled in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).
Intraoperative inspection detected the presence of a fistula secondary to a lateral extension of the subarachnoid space through the labyrinthine segments of the fallopian canal.
The first and fastest way to decrease intracranial pressure is a large CSF venting from the subarachnoid spaces, which drops the cerebral subarachnoid space pressure.
The effects of a change in posture on the position of the cauda equina have been studied using MRI (11); the lateral decubitus position with fully flexed legs creates a free zone in the posterior subarachnoid space (12,13), with anterior displacement of the cauda equina, which may also be displaced to the dependent side (12,13).
Local anaesthetic solution injected into the subarachnoid space blocks conduction of impulses along all nerves with which it comes in contact.
Cyclodialysis: An opening between the anterior chamber and subarachnoid space, which allows passage of intra ocular fluid and reduces intra ocular pressure