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growing or remaining under water

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7 m thick, are dominated by trough cross-stratification structure, which indicates the transport and sedimentation of sand material in the lingoid subaqueous dunes, under the influence of traction currents.
Sedimentary structures associated with this lithology include oscillation ripple marks, raindrop imprints, gas-escape structures and desiccation cracks, suggesting deposition under shallow subaqueous conditions with periodic drying of the sediment.
Nevertheless, in sandy gravel sediments of subaqueous dunes, the cross-stratification mainly consists of grain flow deposits with little or no grain fall deposition on most of their lee faces (Kleinhans, 2004), suggesting that the sediment was delivered in pulses: rolling grain deposits for the coarsest sediments, however, are also common (Kleinhans, 2004).
Specializing in gravity bores, subaqueous crossings and water/sewer bores.
The creation of the Queensway Tunnel in 1934 gave commuters a further option of overcoming the divide by travelling through what was the longest subaqueous road tunnel on earth.
Dredging is the subaqueous or underwater excavation of soils
1986) Wave-induced subaqueous erosion of cohesive tills: preliminary results.
With preferential retreat of the subaerial portion, the force of floatation on the subaqueous cliff causes a new fracture to form, returning the glacier front to a vertical; the same Is true if the subaqueous section temporarily retreats faster.
2) confirmed nearly pure, radiating calcitic tufa morphology indicative of subaqueous formation.
1994: Geochemical implications of subaqueous molten sulfur at Yugama crater lake, Kusatsu-Shirane volcano, Japan.
The view through glass-bottomed boats, diving bells, extravagant water follies, swimming-pool balletics, alligator wrestling and dolphin shows offered a comforting kind of subaqueous suspension.
It is composed of sabkha evaporites and subaqueous evaporites with thin carbonate interbeds that can be traced for hundreds of kilometers.
What time Subaqueous Cell on cell Experience Very slowly Is forming up
The book brings the readers the history of the transportation chaos in New York City at the turn of the century and lays out the transition from steam-power to electrification technology in railroads and from railroads to ventilated subaqueous automobile and truck tunnels.