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the quality of being bland and gracious or ingratiating in manner

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Bob Sawyer, with great suavity, and dispersing, at the same time, the tumultuous little mob of glasses the girl had collected in the centre of the table--'now, Betsy, the warm water; be brisk, there's a good girl.
I attended to all the ghastly formalities, and the urbane undertaker proved that his staff was afflicted, or blessed, with something of his own obsequious suavity.
said Mazarin, with admirable suavity, "could I but find such men
There is a little business where he would be most useful - in the South,' said Lurgan, with peculiar suavity, dropping his heavy blued eyelids.
I confess again," replied the Count, with much suavity, "that I am somewhat at a loss to comprehend you; pray, to what particulars of science do you allude?
He states that the human voice, according to Epicurus, is distinct from that of animals in that it is articulated, discursive, expresses human concord, explicates the sentiments of the soul, and in its suavity elevates the emotions of the heart; but according to Democritus it is merely a flux of atoms and to the Stoics it is a product of percussions in the air.
Besides this, her wonderful smile has a special brand where you would witness its shining affection and suavity.
It works because of the tension between suavity and cruelty.
When New York's Ladies Bikur Cholim Society (an organization dedicated to caring for the sick) declined to join the United Hebrew Charities, an editorial in the newspaper the Jewish Messenger condemned its decision, and tried to explain that if they participated in the organization, the women would still be able to minister to the sick as part of the new agency and that they "will be welcomed as valued auxiliaries, and will by their native suavity, kindness and generous impulses tend to soften the asperities of a system directed mainly by the gentlemen.
Rivaling them in stage charisma was baritone Elliot Madore, the sexily swaggering Mercutio (a soupfon of Gallic suavity would have made him even better), with veterans Laurent Naouri (Capulet) and Diana Montague (Gertrude) right at his heels; and young Virginie Verrez sang Stephanos saucy song with elegant flair.
The suavity of the media Orchestra playing under the baton of conductor Gerard Salonga created the rirght atmosphere.
and some 007-style suavity might've made him more exciting, but he can't be both a suave secret agent and an expressionless killing machine.
And let us not kid ourselves by thinking that we have farsighted leaders with suavity and finesse to guide us through the dilemmas that we keep creating for ourselves.
43) While Cuomo thrived on political suavity and dynamic oratory, Pataki exuded a charming Jimmy Stewartesque cordiality that endeared him to voters.
Not only has Begley written a convincing interpretative biography, one characterized by suavity, wit and independent judgment throughout, he has also produced a major work of Updike criticism.