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Synonyms for suaveness

the quality of being bland and gracious or ingratiating in manner

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How the debate shapes up would depend on the suaveness with which Obama and Romney deal with the complex issue.
In his forties but looking more like he is in his early thirties, Fan is soft-spoken yet extremely confident, combining suaveness with sincerity.
We only see the con man, played with sly suaveness by Ranveer Singh, hoodwink four women.
Cameron's a smooth operator but history will note it was the suaveness of a Con man.
Lewis' simplistic view, obfuscated by academic suaveness, was that every Arab state was a Lebanon waiting to happen.
In particular, the choir has cultivated an appealing suaveness of sound, accompanied by excellent intonation, for softer, more reflective numbers such as When I Fall in Love and Londonderry Air.
For all the suaveness that Osborne cultivates, the plain-speaking - even outspoken - Yorkshireman keeps coming through and, in a sport in which people often have ears only for what they want to hear rather than that which they need to be told, you just know that his strongly expressed views must rub some up the wrong way.
He is a dangerous individual despite his present obedience and suaveness and he'll be put away.
Sprightly old "clattering heels" has been a constant vision of lithe suaveness, glittering bonhomie and bounce since most of us were ankle-high to a hamster.
The performance is delicate and nuanced, filled with sweetness and passion in equal amounts, but characterized mostly by the suaveness of Plasson's direction.
Yet he often roughened his singing style too much as he concentrated on his characterizations, and even his "Scintille diamant" aria lacked his usual vocal suaveness.
He grew into the role with confidence and aplomb, delivering an excellent combination of suaveness, flair, sexiness and tongue-in-cheek dialogue.
Yet the ex-slave's voice, with its lack of contractions, lucid philosophical tone, and fluidly repetitive cadences, suggests self-assurance, rationality, even suaveness.
It is a display of consummate suaveness that does indeed ``razzle dazzle `em''.