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Synonyms for styptic

a drug that causes contraction of body tissues and canals

tending to check bleeding by contracting the tissues or blood vessels


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Included are a 112-page illustrated first aid book, a digital thermometer, a dog hydration drink mix, a tick remover, eye wash, penlight, hemostats, scissors, styptic pencil, hydrogen peroxide and many more items too numerous to mention here.
Much more effective than a traditional styptic pencil, KutKit Styps from Majestic Drug stop bleeding instantly.
Different parts of the plant are useful as cardiovascular tonic, alexteric, styptic and anthelmintic.
460BC: "The father of medicine", Hippocrates, dismisses the magical attributes of opium but acknowledges its usefulness as a narcotic and styptic in treating internal diseases and epidemics.
Indeed, jorakhe is aloe vera, a styptic used for small cuts and the treatment of burns, and believed to have antibacterial properties.
No theological text discusses the soul's in-drawing caused by a micro-quivering of one's nostrils at the styptic aroma of evergreen needles and bark.
The synthetic wax earplugs were less attractive and almost as dear, and I didn't know what a styptic pencil was, but it seemed reasonable at pounds 1.
Similarly, application of an iron salt-based cutaneous styptic (Monsel solution) has caused idiosyncratic dermal proliferations resembling spindle-cell tumors of the skin.
Bleeding like the proverbial stuck pig and leaving horrified shoppers aghast in my gory wake, I made it to Boots clutching a wad of tissues to my chin and asked for a Styptic Pencil.
The nail clippers, Bamboo's first product, includes step-by-step instructions, a nail file and styptic powder, in case of minor bleeding.
Calzaghe's cornerman nips in with the styptic pencil and whispers in his man's ear: "Come on now, Joe, one big punch and that title's yours.
If a dremel is not used or bleeding from a cut nail or beak doesn't stop, a styptic powder is recommended.
Topical treatments include Capsicum frutescens which is diaphoretic, counter-irritant, antiseptic and stimulant (can aggravate and cause painful stinging, however this diminishes with use), Berberis aquifolium, Aloe barbadensis as a gel (emollient and vulnerary) and Calendula officinalis (vulnerary, anti-inflammatory, styptic and antiseptic).
Saucily costumed as Puritan maids, they dump salt into the ladies' tea and serve it to a chorus of styptic grimaces.