styloid process

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extends from the base of the temporal bone

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The elongated styloid process as cause of throat discomfort:4 case reports.
The diagnosis of de Quervain's disease was made on the basis of exquisite tenderness over the radial styloid process and a positive Finkelstein's test.
Intraoral examination revealed poor oral hygiene and on palpation of bilateral tonsillar fossa, tender and elongated styloid process was felt.
While some authors have suggested congenital elongation of the styloid process as a cause of Eagle syndrome, (5) growth of osseous tissue at the stylohyoid insertion site and calcium deposition of unknown cause have also been considered.
The majority of post-surgical pain was located on the dorsal aspect of the left wrist distal to the ulnar styloid process.
In conclusion, according to the results of the present study, it seems that injection of corticosteroid in region of styloid process of ulna in patients with distal radius fractures who are treated with percutaneous pining and casting may reduce the incidence and severity of ulnar sided wrist pain in short term, though probably this would not be the case with time, at least with regard to the number of painless patients.
Osteomas occur in all parts of the temporal bone, including the EAC, mastoid and squamous portions, zygomatic process, glenoid fossa, middle ear, eustachian tube, petrous apex, internal auditory canal, and styloid process.
The differential diagnosis in patients with ear pain includes primary otalgia, which can arise from infectious processes, inflammatory processes, direct trauma, perforation of the tympanic membrane and Eustachian tube dysfunction and secondary otalgia, which can result from referred pain from neoplasm, cranial neuralgias, TMJ dysfunction, cervical joint pain, SCM triggers points, gastroesophageal reflux or Eagle's syndrome (symptomatic elongation of the styloid process or calcification of the stylohyoid ligaments).
Radius: measured from the articular circumference to the styloid process of the radius.
Antero-posterior view shows the concave inferior articular surface of lower end of radius extending down to the tip of styloid process.
For each specific movement analyzed, the markers were positioned on three of the following anatomical landmarks: styloid process of the ulna (SU), ole-cranon of the ulna (OU), acromion of the scapula (AS), inferior angle of the scapula (IS), greater trochanter of the femur (GF), lateral epicondyle of the femur (LE), and lateral malleolus of the fibula (LM).
The radiolunotriquetral ligament is the largest ligament of the wrist and originates just ulnar to the radioscaphocapitate ligament from the radial styloid process.
1) The vertical segment enters the carotid canal anterior to the internal jugular vein and jugular fossa and medial to the styloid process.
INTRODUCTION: Stylohyoid complex [SHC] consists of styloid process, stylohyoid ligmant and lesser cornua of hyoid bone.
On the nondominant side, the markers were placed on angulus acromialis and radial styloid process.