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Synonyms for stylized

using artistic forms and conventions to create effects

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Lucy Torres-Gomez, wore variations of stylized barong top paired with Maranao malong wrap skirt.
They added stylized elements to reinforce the film's visual symbolism.
Elegant, stylized Images from nature make up the Cape Collection from Surya.
From romanticized mythic imagery, to Victorian style nudes, to stylized contemporary pin-ups, the visual theme of eternal masculine beauty and desire is provided from beginning to end without textual interruption.
Today's insurers often used stylized text to brand or promote themselves.
Van Peebles's Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song gave birth to blaxploitation, but it was a highly stylized, even Godardian film.
It's rather stylized which, given the rather stylized quality of the original buildings, is absolutely fine.
The Lady Liberty medallion is 36" in diameter and features nine different wood species, including bloodwood, maple and dyed blue ash, to replicate the red, white and blue of the stylized flag.
This painter "fashions stylized declarations of power and authority that consciously or unconsciously perpetuate a venerable medieval tradition" (147), to some extent based on tapestries.
Besides its highly stylized designs, Genlyte also needs to manufacture affordable products, he added.
Kelly's cogent description of the film sums it up perfectly: "Sporting highly stylized visuals and a hip rock 'n' reggae soundtrack, Rude is a tough yet poetic look at life in the hood that's equal parts gritty realism and inspired arty, filmmaking.
Individual experience and regional particularities can be stylized into universal significance.
However, more recent research has produced another stylized fact: prices were procyclical in the pre-war period but they became countercyclical in the post-war period [Kydland and Prescott, FRBMQR, Spring 1990; Smith JMCB, November 1992; Backus and Kehoe, AER, September 1992].
Some of the stylized animal motifs, however, including the conger eel and starfish, have turned up in mosaics at other Roman sites in the region.