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Its "dumb" stylization also evokes Sigmar PolIce's ironic Modern Art [Moderne Kunst], 1968.
33) Like all works of critical interest, Smith's stylization of sensibility in Elegiac Sonnets is combined with various elements of anti-stylization, which render the tasks of the genre unconventional.
His gestural stylization, being contradictory to other displays, stood out as a performance, as a strategy to defending his sexual identity to the boys.
This expressive stylization in comic-books is often employed to communicate the inherent instability lying at the core of the superhero body.
There are appealing ideas to appreciate right in the opening movement of the first concerto, the second movement arouses our interest with the Field-Chopinesque stylization of the piano part, and the final rondo offers fresh music with many witty moments.
The Britain part tends to structure itself around the melodramatic, with its stylization and stereotyping, and tends to flatten out the effects of form.
She informs us of the many purposes of art, such as stylization, expression, decoration, imitation, and formalization (pp.
And while you're leaning over a piece of paper you forget your own self--you don't care about perfecting your own individual and concrete style, you merely practice an abstract stylization in a vacuum.
From style to stylization, this exhibition investigates.
Through a detailed analysis of the textual presence of the Dominicans Heinrich von Ekkewint and Berthold von Moosburg in the corpus of writings from Engelthal, Burkle demonstrates how the nuns were less concerned with a mimetic representation of the pastoral relationship than they were with enhancing the reputation of their convent through the legendary stylization of these men with their aura of learned dignity.
Just a Bloke confirms Watson's exceptional gift for crisp dialogue, here pushing stylization and repetition (the title phrase, for instance, constantly recurs in a range of different contexts) to the limit, and maybe just over it.
In] parody, as in stylization," Bakhtin explains, "the author employs the speech of another, but, in contradistinction to stylization, he introduces into that other speech an intention which is directly opposed to the original one.
He implies that the Brothers Campi were interpreters of the this new spirituality, as they devised their own mode of expression, with a combination of naturalism and stylization.
Indeed, QAF aspires more to a certain stylization than to strict realism.
The quality of humor, the sense of kinship and willingness to share meager resources, the capacity to celebrate everyday life, the story-telling facility about characters in the neighborhood that would outdo any sit-com ever shown, the ability to fabricate mundane expression into sublime stylization, the drive to syncopate poverty into the kind of vital potency that even Madison Avenue cannot ignore, the entire continuum of improvisational genius regularly exhibited -- all these hard wrought "arts of survival" taught me most of what I know about the God of life reigning in the midst of death.