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Letters incorporates what can be defined as a stylization of the literary discourse of Sensibility with a strong current of anti-stylization.
You never wish to draw attention to the stylization you are squatting on.
Stevens gradually turned away from the intricate stylization, recondite vocabulary, and lavish, tropical imagery that characterized much of his early work to a more exacting, moderate, though abstract style and a profound concern with aesthetics.
In their moody isolation, these characters conform to clich s of the suffering artist, with only the evacuated shapes of their arch stylization keeping them from being instantly legible.
The next section looks at style issues, covering documentary realism, modernism, avant-garde cinema, and expressive stylization.
Instead, director Marshall Pynkoski and choreographer Jeannette Zingg, the company's co-artistic directors, treated Mozart's mythological tale in the opera-ballet manner of a French tragedie lyrique, with all the heightened stylization and choreographed movement this implies.
But the modern association probably has more to do with Bob Fosse's stylization of the bump-and-grind.
In contrast to these conventions, the birds are depicted with a high degree of realism, indicating that idealization and stylization were meant only for the "portraits.
This is one of the most sheerly metaphysical films I can recall seeing, a quality that owes less to the family's punishing Irish Catholicism than to the filmmaker's brazen strategy of stylization, in which characters are named for flowers and are wedded to an appropriate color scheme.
This work reveals, in spite of its gilded stylization, the transparently racist notion that blacks have a primal urge to be like whites, but when they cross the social plane of white reality, chaos and destruction ensue.
In the most traditional of the categories, cultural identities are pursued by way of an eclectic variety of genres, ranging through a manuscript love letter which curiously mixes spontaneity and stylization (Elizabeth S.
Winkler's works need to be seen at close range in order for their subtle differentiations to become apparent, but they also require distance in order to grasp the calculated combination of improvised lightness and strict stylization.
Stylization and momentum come from Adam Bajerski's gorgeous, dappled gold lensing and Tomasz Gassowski's alternately jazzy and melancholy score.
Without some sort of thoughtful stylization, you're left mostly with lurch-and-stagger business as usual.
This is saying something for an actress prone to stylization and a role in which all of the key elements point to a very unappetizing individual.