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an early Christian ascetic who lived on top of high pillars

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The chronicle of Pseudo-Joshua the Stylite, Liverpool: Liverpool University Press.
147) Their image imprinted on clay tablets, given as a blessing to the visitors and spiritual children by the Stylites of Syria, could also eliminate famines and droughts, exorcise evil spirits and relieve maladies.
In the 1960 story "Rhody's Path" the flagpole sitter appears again, this time less as an unknowable artist than as a religious advertisement, an intriguing East Texas combination of sideshow attraction and stylite mystic: "The hooded flagpole sitter was a part of it all.
I suspected a Manichean lamb in wolf's clothing; a sensitive, withdrawn Stylite figure such as we find in Bunuel's Simon of the Desert (1965), living by choice atop a column of words of his own making.
KL kavakava / lavalava KN kaik / nain KR kopek / roper KT skylike / stylite KW kaka / wawa KZ bekko / bezzo KM kiaki / Miami KP keeker / peeper KS kalpak / salpas KV kike / vive KY kaka / yaya
Brecht was to remark: "The column that this stylite sought out for himself is selected with too much cunning.
sta- "To stand, with derivatives meaning 'place or thing that is standing'" (Pok sta- 1004) style, stand, steed, stud, stay, stage, stamen, standard, stem, station, stasis, static, status, stable, stoic, store, stylite, steer *steigh- "To stride, step, rise" (Pok steigh- 1017) stile, stirrup, stickle, distich, acrostic *steu- "To push, stick, knock, beat" (Pok 2.
Joshua the Stylite, Philagathos' De siccitate, and Synesius of Cyrene's Catastasis.
Student prejudices about the superstitions of the past (and perhaps about the excesses of Orientals) will only be reinforced, this in spite of a wealth of material (some of it in the bibliography here) that would help students understand Symeon the Stylite or St.
Depending on how you classify them, there are five or more separate mountain ranges, called jebel in Arabic: the Jebel el-A'la, Jebel Baricha, Jebel Riha, Jebel Zawie, and the Jebel Sema'n, the most famous of them on account of the pilgrimage site of Saint Simeon the Stylite, who died there in 459.
70) Again the phallus-climbers of the De Dea Syria have a certain affinity with Stylite saints who became a feature of the same region in the fifth century.
In his attempt to hide from himself his lust for her, he mortifies his flesh relentlessly, and even spends some time as a stylite atop a high pillar.
The story's cast includes such famous figures as Galla Placidia, Symeon the Stylite, the Sassanid Bahram V, and lesser known ones like bishop Rabbula of Edessa, the Coptic monk Shenute or the Arab prince al-Mundhir.