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And Idris Elba was spotted out and about in town dressed immaculately from head to ankles, where stylishness went missing round about the bottom of his trousers.
But aside from the usefulness or stylishness (or lack thereof) of this stuff, is it safe?
I'm proud to be the face of H&M Conscious Exclusive, a collection which shows the stylishness of sustainability.
Mr Saeed ur Rehman, the chief executive officer of Royaute Luxury Suites & Hotel has expressed great contentment over the excellence and stylishness of interior design demonstrated at Royaute Luxury Suites & Hotel by Lahore's leading interior design firm.
Intricate wood carvings, a mosaic of suspended mini carpets doubling up as wall decor, filigreed teardrop-shaped light fixtures, mood lighting, and their own mix of Arabesque lounge music all come together to create an atmosphere of understated stylishness.
But there's also room for more unusual presents that will bring lasting stylishness to a home.
Limber also describes the literary stylishness of these essays.
The tastiest icing on this theatrical cake, though, was its musical stylishness.
Raghunter's competition offered proof that stylishness is easily attained by mixing accessible, inexpensive clothing brands with a few high-end statement pieces.
He said: "I was very interested when Russell Brand praised the stylishness of the Nazis, because of course that fits with the fact that they persecuted the Sachs in the 1930s when Andrew was a young man, and his family fled to this country.
Writer of the Year Charles Moore used his acceptance speech to retort: "I was very interested when Russell Brand praised the stylishness of the Nazis.
Excised from the studio context in which I first saw them, Stamm's works have now sloughed off their initial stylishness and sit comfortably with our understanding of the day's Minimalist/Conceptualist continuum.
Combining affordability with the functions of a 10-inch mainstream tablet, the AT300SE offers the stylishness and efficient performance required by today's mobile users.
Its high waist-line and rear accentuates its stylishness and exclusivity.
Pellegrino Sparkles with Bulgari bottle is able to set the entire tone of a dinner with its uniqueness, refinement and stylishness," he said.