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a speech impediment marked by involuntary repetitions and pauses

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We do know that more men than women stutter and that there is a 20 per cent greater chance of stuttering if a close relative has a speech problem.
Stuttering is characterized by disrupted synchrony of respiration, phonation, and articulation and is usually accompanied by excessive muscular tension (Hulit, 1996).
This is a review of the contingency management literature and current related treatment programs for stuttering in childhood: the Lidcombe Program, Gradual Increase in Length and Complexity of Utterance (GILCU), and Prolongation (PS).
They believe that Johnson taught that assigning the label stuttering to a speaker's repetitions of sounds and syllables and other hesitancies actually caused the disorder.
One of the puzzling aspects of stuttering is that many people who stutter stop doing so when they read with a group.
I have a mild stuttering problem, and it really bothers me.
Stuttering is a complex and prevalent disorder that involves not only speech disfluency but also challenging psychological and interpersonal experiences for those who stutter.
Alan's courage is particularly inspiring to young people whose career paths have yet to be decided and for whom stuttering often seems an insurmountable obstacle.
They also discovered two other genes with mutations that similarly show up among stutterers and may account for five to 10 per cent of family stuttering worldwide.
STUTTERING mice with a "squeak defect" version of the affliction suffered by King George VI are being bred by scientists.
Of course, the fact that it's a true story - about a king of England no less - doesn't hurt, and its real-life agonies, treatment and triumph are drawing raves from many people who know stuttering inside and out.
While the particular cause of stuttering is still unknown, previous studies showed reduced activity in brain areas associated with listening, and increased activity in areas involved in speech and movement.
Scientists don't fully understand why most children who stutter overcome it, why stuttering persists in others and above all, what causes the condition.
YOUR article on Gareth Gates last week referred to the singer as a stuttering star.
Stuttering and related disorders of fluency, 3d ed.