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someone who speaks with involuntary pauses and repetitions

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Moreover, given the psychological phenomenon of human fallibility in matters of "truth", we cannot dismiss the stutterers of this world who speak a language "different" from our own on the grounds that their peculiar use of language testifies to some innate human defect, deeply coded into their genetic structural makeup.
Every industry has leaders in it who have been stutterers.
David Seidler, himself a stutterer, moved from Britain to Hollywood at the age of 40 and delivered his first screenplay, Tucker: The Man and His Dream, for Francis Ford Copolla in 1988.
Malcolm Fraser, a successful businessman and stutterer, went on to establish and endow the nonprofit Stuttering Foundation in 1947.
Inspired by the plight of "Bertie", Fraser, a successful businessman and stutterer, went on to establish and endow the 64-year-old nonprofit Stuttering Foundation in 1947.
The King's Speech" also won the directing prize for Tom Hooper and the original-screenplay Oscar for David Seidler, a boyhood stutterer himself.
The writer, who overcame a speech impediment in his childhood, said: "For a stutterer, for a stammerer, to be heard is a wonderful thing.
national championship livestock auctioneering trophy was a severe stutterer, he said.
There, he is making waves in reality TV and currently working on 'The Fixer', in which he helps people with various problems, from a stutterer to a lady with a rage disorder.
I truly know what it feels like to be voiceless--as a stutterer, not able to get out my words.
Do the mothers of stutterer use different communication styles than the mothers of suent children?
A six year old girl, a stutterer, is victimized by sexual abuse she cannot begin to fathom, her vocabulary drawn from the lurid imagery of fairy tales (the wolf).
She explains that positive labels can be just as troublesome as the negative and attributes her own battle with stuttering to a well meaning teacher who labeled her as a stutterer and tried to "cure" it.
Beyond the usual British male and female voices, Parker includes Hungarian and Italian accents, a stutterer, and Count Ugo's evil lisp.
For his very first role at the Asolo in 1961, Dad's Southern accent had been deemed unintelligible, and he was asked to play his character, a stutterer in the script, as a mute instead.