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  • noun

Synonyms for sturdiness

reliability in withstanding pressure, force, or stress

Words related to sturdiness

the state of being vigorous and robust

the property of something that is strongly built

Related Words

resoluteness evidenced by strength of character

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With its sturdiness and wide range of color, ash is an ideal choice for furniture makers, if not a traditional one.
The Voya line of notebooks are designed with sturdiness in mind.
Vibration absorption, sturdiness, and stability are accomplished with a cast-mineral base in Monoblock design.
Then he talked about the sturdiness of the support beams.
Where the breech occurred on the 17th Street Canal, the Corps had made concessions in sturdiness of construction to accommodate real estate developers' desire to stuff" as much new upscale housing as possible into that neighborhood.
Its sturdiness must have rubbed off on me because I seem to be holding up pretty well - much like the razor.
AO Microscope: What do you get when you combine the sturdiness of a Fisher-Price toy with the interchangeability of a VWbeetle?
Almost contemporaneous in composition with Messiah, Samson shares a comparable sturdiness of fugal technique and amazingly pictorial colours from a compact orchestra (here the crisp and smiling English Chamber Orchestra).
That one of these stands on its four legs while the other has apparently toppled over doesn't undercut either the sturdiness of their construction or their sleek surfaces' reference to Minimalist sculpture.
High density polyethylene (HDPE) will rise at the fastest pace due to its flexibility, sturdiness, joint integrity and trench-laying capabilities, according to the report.
Developers are using lath and plaster in public spaces, such as lobbies and hallways, because of its long-lasting sturdiness and performance.
In betting on emerging markets, Volkswagen continues to rely on the sturdiness of the vehicles as their selling point.
Grant says the Steinert machines are built with a remarkable combination of technological wizardry coupled with sturdiness and durability.
In general, approximately four to five wrappings provided suitable sturdiness, depending on the thickness of the tape.
The X8 will be a hit with those who want a bit of class as the finish is excellent and has a feeling of sturdiness that will see it through a couple of winters without turning to scrap.