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Synonyms for stuporous

lacking responsiveness or alertness

lacking mental and physical alertness and activity

Synonyms for stuporous

stunned or confused and slow to react (as from blows or drunkenness or exhaustion)

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is a benzodiazepine antagonist) initially was reported to be beneficial, having an awakening effect on stuporous and comatose alcoholic cirrhotic patients (Pomier Layrargues et al.
More amusingly, his loyal wife, Angie (Constance Marie), rescues a hopelessly sick dog from a homeless man and the family goes about trying to rouse the pathetic mutt from its stuporous state (many sitcoms wring cheap laughs from a cute pup; give ``George Lopez'' props for trying the same with a truly mangy one).
American journalist Eugene Lyons, visiting Russia in the 1930s, fell in with various former Chekist hoodlums who drank themselves stuporous to blot out the memories of their job.
This unlikeliest of mentors somehow is raised from his stuporous slumber by the dogged wit of his new protegee and manages, in spite of himself, to introduce the young Walters to a world of ideas and a sense of self she had only suspected existed.
In the former, a schoolboy believes that the stuporous man he has found in a snowbank and brought home is the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.
The conscious mind loses its points of reference and we verified that, at the acute stage, all the patients showed quantitative and qualitative troubles, from an extreme decline, as in stuporous states, to hyperconsciousness; or from a distorted interpretation of reality to delirium.
Insulin also makes us sleepy, dizzy, stuporous or bloated.
This was in contrast to the preceding "just the facts" wire-service ethic that led some of the funniest people in the press to write dull, constipated stories and to use euphemisms like "tired and emotional" to describe politicians who were drunk and stuporous on the Senate floor.
2150 To the extent that states limit the legal responsibility of intoxicated offenders, there is a qualified right to immunity from the consequences of one's acts while stuporous.
Within 4 1/2 years she had deteriorated into the mute and stuporous state in which she died.
As they are preparing to leave, Christopher's mental status changes; he becomes stuporous.
Occasionally a business too long faces unsolvable problems, stuporous stagnation or festering aggravations, and the call goes out for knights in shining armor.