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Synonyms for stuporous

lacking responsiveness or alertness

lacking mental and physical alertness and activity

Synonyms for stuporous

stunned or confused and slow to react (as from blows or drunkenness or exhaustion)

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They commonly present after a stroke or traumatic brain injury, and should be differentiated from depression, hypokinetic delirium, and stuporous catatonia.
Senile, psychiatric or stuporous patients may present late with evidence of fever or sepsis.
Following a nocturnal hallucinatory frenzy, he assumes a stuporous repose throughout the next day.
Evaluating sensory response can assess for hemisensory loss; a stuporous or aphasic patient will grimace or pull away from the stimulus.
A 911 call was placed by witnesses and upon arrival paramedics found patient in a stuporous state, with stable vital signs, adequate glucose levels, and with evidence of enuresis and generalized diaphoresis.
Although it had been reported widely in the newspapers that the cause was stuporous drunkenness, Clark has significant doubts.
The court noted that the plaintiff's medical expert opined that the patient fluctuated between a stuporous and obtunded level of consciousness and, although there were times that he was alert and could answer "yes" or "no" rationally, there was no time when he could communicate his wants, needs, and feelings.
made its sleep seem purer than the cops' stuporous huddle
iii) Menzies later finds a stuporous Quinlan in another bar ("I've been in half of them," he slurs).
Grade IV patients are stuporous with moderate to severe hemiparesis, and grade V patients are often in deep coma and appear moribund.
Alcoholism is the most prevalent and perhaps the most vicious of the addictive disorders because it is legal and socially acceptable, and because a person who drinks goes into a stuporous state slowly and perhaps after everyone stops paying attention.
Under this technique, deep sedation renders a patient unconscious or stuporous until death ensues.
It was a tough town where African miners drank themselves stuporous to blot out memory of the blackness of the mines and the families and lands they'd left behind, often never to see again.
is a benzodiazepine antagonist) initially was reported to be beneficial, having an awakening effect on stuporous and comatose alcoholic cirrhotic patients (Pomier Layrargues et al.