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He seemed suddenly to have relapsed into his wonted state of dense stupidity.
No matter how often and fiercely Jerry rushed him, he met the rush with the stick, and chuckled aloud, understanding the puppy's courage, marvelling at the stupidity of life that impelled him continually to thrust his nose to the hurt of the stick, and that drove him, by passion of remembrance of a dead man to dare the pain of the stick again and again.
In direct proportion to the white man's stupidity is his success in farming the world--"
Perhaps it's his stupidity that makes him succeed, and surely one phase of his stupidity is his inability to understand the niggers.
You will see that the mysteries which the police discover are, almost without exception, mysteries made penetrable by the commonest capacity, through the extraordinary stupidity exhibited in the means taken to hide the crime.
As Jamrach had not become rich by stupidity, he handed something to his guide and hastened on, and soon came to a toll-gate kept by a Benevolent Gentleman, to whom he gave something, and was suffered to pass.
Among the curious developments of human stupidity which occasionally present themselves to view, surely the least excusable is the stupidity which, to this day, persists in wondering why the Scotch succeed so well in life!
Fresh from his revolutionists, he was shocked by the intellectual stupidity of the master class.
I found nothing but stupidity, except for business.
The record of your stupidity is there in the books, your own books that you never read.
Now, though this young gentleman was not insensible of the charms of Sophia; though he greatly liked her beauty, and esteemed all her other qualifications, she had made, however, no deep impression on his heart; for which, as it renders him liable to the charge of stupidity, or at least of want of taste, we shall now proceed to account.
Novelists build mountains of stupidity out of a footprint on the sand, or from an impression of a hand on the wall.
And your marriage putteth an end to many short follies, with one long stupidity.
His father never really forgave him for this undutiful stupidity.
I too wanted to do good to men and would have done hundreds, thousands of good deeds to make up for that one piece of stupidity, not stupidity even, simply clumsiness, for the idea was by no means so stupid as it seems now that it has failed.