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In fact, we are given almost nothing about the loved object aside from the fact that "she" is a "stupid person, no different from any other stupid person.
I told that person in no uncertain terms that I could party him under the table if I wanted any time, and that's without drugs, as this stupid person informed me he was on ketamine.
If I could say anything to the driver I'd say 'you're an idiot, a stupid person who needs to learn to drive safely and know that you have to stop at a zebra crossing.
Franco plays Skylark as a smart person's idea of a stupid person, and after a while, his puppyish energy and incessant ear-to-ear grin become painful to behold.
I love town meetings, both the concept, which I think is democracy so accessible that even the most mind numbingly stupid person can participate in and enjoy, and as a journalist, the wonderful feeling I get entering a hall just before meeting is about to begin.
You know that old joke of "If a really stupid person went crazy, how would you tell?
Not for one coin, or one stupid person going on the pitch.
But when I look behind in the mirror, the stupid person who had honked at me has forgotten why he was in such a tearing hurry and I see him talking to someone on his mobile phone and dangerously zig-zagging on to the next lane.
I nominate Dana Rohrabacher for the title of the world's most insolent, ignorant, and stupid person.
The reporter says, AoThen he stopped being diplomatic and said in anger, AaeSheAAEs a stupid person and she doesnAAEt understand a thing and she doesnAAEt want to understand.
violation of public privacy, violation of federal Fair Trade laws, and the simplest one, "it would be a very stupid person to try and launder money by buying a dwelling fire or homeowners insurance policy.
During the interviews, her constantly claiming with emotional intensity that she is not a stupid person demonstrates that she desperately struggled to be acknowledged as an intelligent person.
He said: "I have no doubt you are not the first and won't be the last stupid person to have bought such items as souvenirs.