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Synonyms for stupefying

so surprisingly impressive as to stun or overwhelm

making physically stupid or dull or insensible

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shocking with surprise and consternation

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Yesterday's activities at Anfield were in complete and stupefying contrast to the discretion with which affairs were conducted in the boardrooms of the past.
In a stupefying display of ideological bullheadedness, the Bush administration is now targeting unmarried adults up to age 29 as part of its abstinence-only initiative.
At that notorious prison, again in the name of gathering intelligence for the "war on terror," American guards subjected prisoners to stupefying cruelty.
Dr Cala's initial investigation missed evidence that Bill and Pam Weightman, who emigrated from Gateshead with the adopted son who killed them, had been strangled, that they violently fought their attacker and had been administered a stupefying drug.
I was in New Orleans recently for its annual jazz festival, and friends and I spent stupefying time surveying the rampant devastation, little of which seems to have been cleaned up eight months after the fact.
To read the writings of Wells is to explore a time capsule of the early 20th century in Britain, complete with its most exaggerated hopes and most stupefying fears.
Michael Wright is facing jail after being convicted of spiking a young woman's drink with a stupefying drug so she would submit to sex.
After such a stupefying opening there is a lot of gawking going on.
Added to that is the fact that marijuana, a potent stupefying and addictive psychoactive substance, contains, as do many plants, compounds that have potential for medical development.
Marijuana, a stupefying and addictive psychoactive substance, contains, as do many plants, compounds with potential for medical development.
Broadbent, and his brother Stephen, now 18, both from Billingham, were high on "a stupefying cocktail of tablets, drink and glue" and took it in turns to force themselves on the terrified and traumatised schoolgirl victim, Teesside Crown Court heard.
The Matrix Revolutions" combines moments of postmodern mysticism with stupefying violence, the radio said in a review Nov.
50 Years Ago Sentence of seven years imprisonment was passed at the Old Bailey yesterday on a 39-year-old housewife who pleaded guilty to three charges of causing men to take stupefying drugs with intent to enable her to steal their property and to three charges of larceny.
It was a bit stupefying to have an old newspaper clipping revise baseball history for us-to prove that Ted Williams had started his reformation long before his evolution into a fisherman and a citizen of the world.
She broadens these preliminaries -- actually following the structure and content of Hauptmann's book -- by considering a stupefying variety of visual forms (deschi da parto, medals, plates, mirrors, medallions, and roundels), literary sources, and intellectual theories, all of which are interesting and useful to students of Renaissance art.