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Synonyms for stupefied

as if struck dumb with astonishment and surprise

in a state of mental numbness especially as resulting from shock

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said the president, stupefied, and without noticing the agitation which spread over the face of M.
Bazin was stupefied at the sight of the gold, and forgot that he came to announce D'Artagnan, who, curious to know who the mendicant could be, came to Aramis on leaving Athos.
Still stupefied by the drug that I had taken, I could lazily wonder what had happened, and I could do no more.
I am confident that his sleep was stupefied and dreamless, and that he awoke next day merely to heaviness and moroseness, and that if he lives to-day he does not remember that night, so passing was it as an incident.
Don Quixote, bruised and stupefied, without raising his visor said in a weak feeble voice as if he were speaking out of a tomb, "Dulcinea del Toboso is the fairest woman in the world, and I the most unfortunate knight on earth; it is not fitting that this truth should suffer by my feebleness; drive your lance home, sir knight, and take my life, since you have taken away my honour.
He put his hand into his pocket, pulled forth the envelope that held the money, and sat stupefied.
I became stupefied, several times I felt myself perspiring, I was overcome by a sort of paralysis; but this was pleasant and good for me.
FOOTBALLER Nile Ranger had to get his alleged rape victim "complelely stupefied before he could get his way", a prosecutor told jurors.
Never more so than last week when the buffoons running the East Lancashire Railway thought a fitting way to celebrate the Jubilee was with a Wartime Weekend where lots of fat blokes dressed up in full SS regalia and asked stupefied passers-by - some of whom were Jewish - if they'd like to don yellow Stars of David and "look poor".
London, Aug 30 (ANI): Kim Kardashian and her relatives once left her then would-be-husband Kris Humphries stupefied when they told him that it was not the first time that the celebrity socialite was going to become a wife.
Has it ever occurred to these junkies that the innocent pleasure of strolling down a country lane picking elderflowers to make a delicious old-fashioned drink might give them more of a high than lying stupefied on the sticky floor of a bedsit, surrounded by dirty needles and blackened spoons?
If you were dying of starvation and disease, the Christian act would be to offer nourishing food and medical attention, not have someone read a passage from the Bible when you are too stupefied to understand.
How can such a person with stupefied feelings live with himself and his children?
And in the reflective flatness and disorienting perspectives of Shore's compositions, as in the stupefied yet wary stares of his subjects, one might even think wildly, fleetingly, of Manet.