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Synonyms for stupefaction

Synonyms for stupefaction

Synonyms for stupefaction

a feeling of stupefied astonishment

marginal consciousness

the action of stupefying

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He explained that even if never a dollar were to come to him from the other house he would nevertheless cherish this one; and he dwelt, further, while they lingered and wandered, on the fact of the stupefaction he was already exciting, the positive mystification he felt himself create.
The inquiry, for an instant, held her friend, yet only, it seemed, for a stupefaction that was almost amusement.
Martin was dumbfounded to the point of stupefaction.
A stupefaction had come into these features, to her regard; it meant the illness of her mother.
The stupefaction of the crowd was indescribable as they saw one of their waganga thus whirled away into space.
On recovering from his first stupefaction, he bestirred himself to shout, to the four personages on the stage, "Go on
For the rest, he thought the dialectical part of his argument of little worth; he saw only too clearly that the result of these ecstatic moments was stupefaction, mental darkness, idiocy.
Two girls of about ten and twelve, dressed in dirty short frocks and cloaks, were staring at their mother with a look of stupefaction on their pale frightened faces.
Cornelius, in mute stupefaction, embraced his old nurse, who was in a swoon; shook hands with his servants, who were bathed in tears, and followed the magistrate, who put him in a coach as a prisoner of state and had him driven at full gallop to the Hague.
He gazed at the heap on the table with an air of stupefaction.
The two usurers took a mental inventory of des Lupeaulx's study while he read with amazement and stupefaction a deed of purchase which seemed wafted to him from the clouds by angels.
I abandoned myself to the life, and developed the misconception that the secret of John Barleycorn lay in going on mad drunks, rising through the successive stages that only an iron constitution could endure to final stupefaction and swinish unconsciousness.
Not astonishment only, but downright stupefaction, struck the deputation from the garden speechless.
The young lady shrieked, the attendant wrung her hands, Nicholas gazed from one to the other in apparent stupefaction, and Newman hurried to and fro, thrusting his hands into all his pockets successively, and drawing out the linings of every one in the excess of his irresolution.
But on the morrow, that is to say, in proportion as he recovered from the state of exhaustion and stupefaction, his ill-nature appeared to revive.