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Synonyms for stupefaction

Synonyms for stupefaction

Synonyms for stupefaction

a feeling of stupefied astonishment

marginal consciousness

the action of stupefying

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C'est bien l'ombre du langage qu'il s'agit d'habiter, celle que les mots portent sur les choses "apres le bain," une fois sortis de leur immersion dans la stupefaction du dehors; les mots donc comme des enveloppes, des seaux, non de lumiere claire mais d'un contenant d'ombre a decrypter et dans lequel le corps est encore partie prenante: "Cette ombre pour respirer.
The response may be a violent attack, escape, stupefaction, or paralysis.
Kagoshima's work operates in the precarious space of the psychedelic experience--psychotropic drugs are a reference point for his practice--and in his brand of pop surrealism, consciousness expansion is poised at the knife-edge of druggy stupefaction and childlike wonder.
chemicals wrong fully used as inhalants), propellants and/or prescribed or over-the-counter drugs or pharmaceutical compounds with the intent to induce intoxication, excitement or stupefaction of the central nervous system, and will subject the violator to punitive action under the UCMJ and/or adverse administrative action.
Robbie Savage (above) or Craig Bellamy could be our David Beckham in the glad-handing process and we could send a couple of Assembly members with them to drive those who deliver the vote into a state of such stupefaction they might even back us - just to get rid of them.
Since virtually no synthetic cannabinoids are listed as controlled substances under the Controlled Substances Act, the possession or use of these substances cannot be charged as a violation under Article 112a, UCMJ; (19) however, use of any of these substances "for the purpose of inducing excitement, intoxication, or stupefaction of the central nervous system is prohibited" by Army Regulation 600-85.
Un questionnement sur les conditions de production de ce troisieme objectif (la transformation) emerge evidemment chez le lecteur de La politique de la stupefaction.
After initial stupefaction got over, Arya began cataloguing and digitising the humungous collection, some of which he has already shown in a few exhibitions.
Each face reminds one of the cares and intrigues, the laborious efforts to advance a private fortune or form and strengthen a cabal, the cunning devices designed and executed for such purposes, the attachments at varying degrees of intimacy, the estrangements, dislikes, and hatreds, the unkind turns played and the favours granted, the trickS, petty shifts, and baseness of some individuals, the dashing of the hopes of some in mid-career, the stupefaction of others at the summit who had thought their ambitions fulfilled.
Walking through this "zoo" in total stupefaction, the motive for its existence slowly dawned--the insatiable and horrific demand for tiger bone, thought to improve virility, and bear gall bladder bile believed to remedy ailments ranging from upset stomach to skin burns.
I tapped another seasoned 49s campaigner on the shoulder to alert him to the fact and we both stared in stupefaction at the green-ball bonanza.
No such thing occurred and in February Trotsky announced to the stupefaction of the Central Powers' delegates 'neither war nor peace', meaning that Russia would not resume fighting, but would not agree to give up territory or pay money.
Roger Michell's typically detailed direction ensures that this is permanently balanced by Dan's stupefaction at his brother's responsibility.
By both filmmakers' respective third movies, a growth pattern had set in that leads directly to their most recent works: Payne probed into deeply resonant stories where the humor was organic to his characters, while Anderson seemed to be pasting amusing gags to shrugs of jokes to scenes inspiring mere querulous stupefaction.
In her latest novel, Clare, 44, has used Hoffmann's real hospital as a background for her fictitious story of a girl from the Judengasse (Jewish ghetto) deemed to be mad after she sinks into stupefaction following the loss of her baby.