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a dome-shaped shrine erected by Buddhists


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The excess water from artificial ice stupa is stored in a tank constructed below it.
main cross-shape stupa and 19 other small votive stupas and a number of monasteries
On the banks, more pagodas punctured the skyline with their tiered towers, and bulbous stupas flaunted glistening golden domes, rich red brickwork and blinding whitewash.
The restored stupa will be unveiled in Nangchen, an old Tibetan town located close to the border of the Tibet Autonomous Region and western Qinghai province, by Gyalwang Drukpa, a Ladakh- based Tibetan Buddhist leader, who is the spiritual head of the Drukpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism.
Ice stupas are an example of the inventive ways that developing communities worldwide are adapting to climate change.
And then, more stupas of various sizes and shapes, more pagodas in the fields and small villages in various shades of ancient bricks, and then more of them beside clumps of agave, cacti or flaming bougainvilleas.
This British Library, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and University of Nottingham exhibition brings together M Aurel Steiffs early-20th-century photographs of ancient Silk Road settlements, stupas and forts in the Taklamakan Desert and modem images and video taken on recent expeditions to Chinese Central Asia.
Post-Pol Pot Cambodia and the Building of a New Stupa
Kathmandu, October 03 (BNA) - Two people onboard including a Chinese tourist have been killed this morning when an ultralight aircraft belonging to Avia Club crashed at Shanti Stupa at Phumdi Bhumdi VDC in Pokhara.
near the Boudhanath Stupa, an important Buddhist site.
After a while, smoke rose from near the gate to the stupa.
Pakistani researchers have discovered a Buddhist stupa surrounded by statues in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Province dating back to the Gandhara civilization of 2,500 years ago, the provincial Department of Archeology and Museums in Peshawar said late Monday.
Americans United wrote to Park Service officials July 20 about the structure, known as a stupa, on the grounds of Petroglyph National Monument Park near Albuquerque.
The Boudhanath stupa is one of the holiest places of worship for Tibetan Buddhists.
FOUR Nepalese Buddhist monks consecrated a stupa, a Buddhist shrine symbolising enlightenment, at a hermitage in Gwynedd.