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Synonyms for stunted

Synonyms for stunted

inferior in size or quality

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Children are considered moderately stunted if they are > 2 SDs below the mean expected height-for-age and severely stunted if > 3 SDs below the mean (de Onis and Blossner 2003).
A new UN study has found that more than half of all Yemeni children suffer from stunted growth.
In unadjusted analyses, severely stunted children had significantly lower IQ scores than mild-moderately stunted children.
STUNTED RECOGNITION: They plummet from tall buildings, swim with sharks, get set on fire, crash into brick walls, dangle from cliffs and helicopters, get thrown from horses and get blasted by every type of charge the pyrotechnics guys can get their hands on.
The municipality of Patnongon ranked first in the number of stunted and severely stunted children recorded at 24.
Olney said children, who were stunted in the first two years of life, were more likely to repeat grade levels, drop out of school and delay school entry.
The World Health Organization says there are 100 million stunted children in Asia.
If an infant from 0-5 months old is stunted (short for age) and is still stunted at two years old, there is little probability of getting standard height for age growing up.
In the Philippines, 30 percent of all children under the age of 5 are stunted or short for their age, which is an improvement from any previous time in its history.