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a pilot who travels around the country giving exhibits of stunt flying and parachuting

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A STUNT pilot and former air ambulance hero and one other person were killed after a helicopter collided with a high-rise crane in central London and plunged more than 700 feet to the busy streets below.
A 70-year-old woman once told stunt pilot Aragon that she'd love to learn to fly, but thought she was too old.
our Keith has a terrifying but brilliant 25 minutes with stunt pilot Dave rrifying but t pilot Dave
More than 70 people were injured in Friday's unexplained crash that also took the life of 74-year-old stunt pilot James Leeward.
He had flown more than 120 races and served as a stunt pilot for numerous movies, his website said.
He had previously been a stunt pilot for numerous movies, including Amelia and Cloud Dancer.
THREE people were killed and more than 50 injured when a Second World War-era plane flown by a veteran Hollywood stunt pilot plunged into the crowd during a popular air race in the US.
Tim Linville, 48, was watching the event with his two daughters when Hollywood stunt pilot Jimmy Leeward, 74, lost control of his World War II fighter and veered off course.
Dill was a former stunt pilot, very knowledgeable about flying, and kept his plane in meticulous shape.
London, June 1 (ANI): Eighty-seven-year-old Doug Gregory has achieved a unique record of becoming Britain's oldest stunt pilot.
It was the first time I had seen a stunt pilot do such a magnificent job of "hanging" on the prop and seemingly flying the airplane sideways down the flight line.
Two Russian air force jets rehearsing aerobatic manoeuvres have collided near Moscow, killing one stunt pilot and sending one jet crashing into nearby vacation homes.
TWO Russian air force jets rehearsing aerobatic manoeuvres collided yesterday near Moscow, killing one stunt pilot and sending one fighter crashing into nearby holiday homes, a military official said.
A war nurse, a stunt pilot, a partisan, a soldier, and an agent for the French colonies in Africa, Tiller was a woman of many skills and led an exciting life through all of her long years.
A flight instructor during World War I, Pepper subsequently takes up barnstorming before getting a job as a stunt pilot in a Hollywood film.