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a stand-in for movie stars to perform dangerous stunts

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The stunt man ended up standing in as one of the gang chasing me just for something to do.
The stunt man was dressed in the same jumpsuit worn by Uma Thurman in the movie.
The singer-turned-actress was reportedly seriously injured when she tried to take on the dangerous feat on set rather than getting in a stunt man.
Brian Jagersky, a veteran actor and stunt man with film credits including "Immortals," "Outlander," "16 Blocks" and "Cinderella Man," worked with Ivchenko on "Nikita.
Despite feeling exhilarated taking a swim in the North Sea I wouldn't have said no to a stunt man taking that on.
A stunt man dressed as Spider-Man launched himself off the museum's roof towards the applauding crowd below.
Motorbike stunt man Flyin Ryan jumped through a wall of fire and jumped a 25-metre static caravan as part of Easter celebrations at Golden Sands Holiday Park, Cresswell, yesterday.
The stunt man - real name is Ryan Griffiths - put on a startling show, which included impressive pyrotechnics.
A range of spectacular entertainment has been lined up for the four-day event, including a stunt man who will fly over the sea using a jet pack.
FOR the opening 10 minutes of this nail-biting thriller, the lead character - a Hollywood stunt man who moonlights as a getaway driver - says nothing.
EVEL: THE HIGH FLYING LIFE OF EVEL KNIEVEL: AMERICAN SHOWMAN, DAREDEVIL, AND LEGEND provides a fine new biography of Evel Knievel, a dare-devil stunt man who is best known for successfully pulling off some of the most outrageous and dangerous stunts in the country.
The position of Chair is shared by Paris resident, actor and renowned stunt man James Binkley, and Penny Harris, former owner of Paris gallery and craft store Arts & Culture on the Grand.
If we need another member, we look around the sport circles," says the president of the stunt man association, Roman Morozov, "There was only one case when a guy came to us and said he wanted to join us.
A STUNT double feared paralysed after a fall on the set of the new Harry Potter film has bravely vowed to return to work as a stunt man.
That was the first time the stunt man was replaced by the principal actor.