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a maneuverable kite controlled by two lines and flown with both hands


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As a stunt kite, the delta is fast and responsive, making it the most popular shape.
About a minute later, as David's kite was looping the loop, Melody stopped skipping and went over to her brother to tell him something, but David was too engrossed with the stunt kite to listen to her, so she tapped his forearm repeatedly.
While the anticipated East Coast Stunt Kite Championships take place Saturday and Sunday.
there's free, fully-supervised quad biking, climbing, abseiling, trampolining, snorkelling, fencing and stunt kite flying (not all activities are available at all centres).
Soaraway Chris Grimes was lifted 25 feet into the air and ended up in a different town after his unscheduled flight underneath his 10ft by 4ft stunt kite.
HEAD for the hills and show 'em how it's done with your old 1970s Peter Powell stunt kite, or just watch paragliders on the Sussex Downs.
For over-eights there's free and fully-supervised quad biking, climbing, abseiling, trampolining, zip wires, snorkelling, fencing and stunt kite flying.
The Festival incorporates the World Indoor Kite Competition, the East Coast Stunt Kite Championships and the Wild Wheels Buggy Blast (kite powered beach buggies).
The festival will also offer the chance to witness stunt kite flying, giant show kites and art kites.
But only one was spotted by a 3pm spy grappling with a stunt kite on glamorous Ainsdale Beach, Southport.
The Harry Potter Stunt Kite does wizard loops and dives.
Each winner will receive a kit worth pounds 250 made up of a Fujifilm Nexia 220ix Zoom APS camera, a High Flyer stunt kite, backpack plus five packs of Maryland Cookies with Jammy Bits, the cookie with raspberry-flavoured fruit pieces.
Additional entertainment includes The Windjammers precision stunt kite flying team, mimes, jugglers, strolling musicians, and other street entertainers.
At their eight family centres there is supervised quad biking for the over-eights, plus trampolining, zip wires, snorkelling, fencing, stunt kite flying and much more.
On display will be kites of every shape and size, including large inflatable animals, oriental kites, bird kites, stunt kites and the traditional Altitude Sprints, which are a race to the sky.