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in a spectacular manner

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Edmund King and Martyr: A Facsimile is a stunningly beautiful recreation of the classical illuminated manuscript detailing the Anglo-Saxon King St.
This time though, the night ended happily as Brian Viloria dropped Eric Ortiz in a stunningly quick first- round knockout to capture Ortiz' WBC light flyweight (108-pound) title.
The performances included Gerald Arpino's duet RUTH, Ricordi Per Due, danced stunningly by Maia Wilkins and Willy Shives of The Joffrey Ballet, and the current generation of students in excerpts from Surrender 2 Love, a flamenco-tinged piece by Eli Lazar for the Joffrey Ensemble Dancers.
The main source of light and warmth is Jeanne, a sinewy, stunningly leonine woman.
Stunningly beautiful--poetic even--the book, their eighth, is a compilation of 30 years worth of photographs of traditional African life and culture in more than 36 countries.
The two faced the usual political and bureaucratic obstacles just getting into the area, followed by the stunningly difficult task of locating a few scraps of burned metal somewhere in the overgrown hills.
It was a stunningly executed piece--replete with the hottest guy-guy smooching ever seen on basic cable--that resonated not only with GLBTs but also with the hetero MTV generation, whose impassioned embrace of the clip made it a prominent fixture on the network's teen-focused Total Request Live program.
The Air House has a stunningly beautiful site, on the inner moat of the Shizuki castle near Hagi in the Yamaguchi Prefecture, where cherry and pine trees soften winds and sunlight to the east and west and the Hashimoto river flows south down to the Sea of Japan.
Lewis and Clark] were stunningly good record keepers.
Sounds like the rest of the corporate world, which cannot tell a good product from another -- except those that are stunningly gimmicky.
After all, the same strategy proved stunningly effective at back in the eighties when it was first tried.
a stunningly beautiful model floating in semi-transparent silk at a fashion show in Milan yesterday.
This yields such stunningly clear and illuminating readings, one only wonders why no one did it before.
Biras Creek is situated on a stunningly beautiful peninsula on Northern Virgin Gorda with dramatic views and unrivalled physical beauty.
Summary: DUBAI - Toys 'R' Us, the world's favourite toy and juvenile products retailer, has launched its fashionable collection of Babies 'R' Us apparel at stunningly attractive prices.