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Synonyms for stunner

Synonyms for stunner

one that evokes great surprise and admiration

a person regarded as physically attractive

Synonyms for stunner

a very attractive or seductive looking woman

an unexpected and amazing event

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However, in Golden Stunner the debutants have a solid rival to overcome.
Whittingham fired the Bluebirds level seven minutes after the restart with a stunner of a free-kick, which curled into the net from the tightest of angles.
The new contract will also fund flight tests and low-rate initial production of the Stunner interceptor.
A burly, six foot, hairy-chested stunner to be precise.
Now long-legged Dani is hoping to bounce back by winning our Sunday Stunner 2006 title.
The stunner could follow in the footsteps of Miss World winner Aishwarya Rai, who is now one of Bollywood's biggest stars.
We're honestly surprised at the girls he's pictured with in the papers and there's always a quip or two about how he's pulled his latest stunner.
Some of the ugliest blokes in Britain have knocked back this 23- year-old stunner.
Instead, they can join the rest of the 50,000 Ibrox crowd in welcoming football-loving stunner Suzanne Carlsson to the day's big SPL clash.
A 26-point career-high game from a big ol' softy Dan Gadzuric against the athletic Bearcats is no stunner.
Now they're out to pull off a repeat stunner to give Graeme a grand memory.
The blonde stunner told I-Spy: 'There's a really fit boy in it and I had to kiss him.
Our picture shows the former S Club stunner backstage at the BBC show, looking none the worse after her scare this week while winning the Amor Amor Woman of the Year title at the Glamour Awards.
As we watch the erstwhile Hobbit Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood, perfectly cast) and his merry band of wizards, elves and flawed humans try to return a hypnotically powerful ring of evil to the fiery pit where it was forged, Jackson peels back layer upon layer of Tolkien's Middle-earth world, each new revelation a stunner, each new adventure an affirmation of brotherhood.
Telly stunner Anthea Turner has been dumped by her married lover.