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a weapon designed to disable a victim temporarily by delivering a nonlethal high-voltage electric shock

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AHOLIDAYMAKER was caught with dozens of weapons including knuckle dusters, stun guns, and a set of nunchucks in his luggage at Cardiff Airport.
A short time later the vehicle was stopped, searched and an 5000k volt stun gun recovered from the back seat.
Cuthill admitted buying the CS spray and stun gun and trying to import them.
Morrow allegedly used a stun gun on his father and then hit his father with the stun gun, police said.
British police fear smuggling operations are widespread, with at least 10,000 stun guns disguised as phones and torches falling into the hands of British criminals.
He was caught with the stun gun, which is disguised to look like a torch, when police raided a property two days after he took the mobile phone images.
The report, written by Central Connecticut State University analysts who reviewed the data, said it was difficult to draw conclusions from the information because it was the first data to be collected and many police departments appeared to underreport their stun gun use.
A MAN who tried to smuggle ten stun guns disguised as mobile phones into the country through Coventry has been jailed for 18 months.
n t l Father-tobe Anthony Mason, 30, had bought the stun gun, disguised as an iPhone, in Bulgaria as a present for a relative.
Court documents show she purchased the stun gun for protection, and when her ex-boyfriend threatened her one day, she brandished the device, and the man "got scared and left [Caetano] alone.
There's also a pink version, which looks like a traditional stun gun marketed specifically to women.
Sentencing father-of-four Andrew Dempster, Judge Richard Bond said: "Why you would want to go to a foreign country and bring back a stun gun and a knuckleduster, I've no idea.
A NEWLYWED was left facing a five-year prison sentence after being caught at Birmingham Airport with a stun gun - bought as a 'last-minute present' for his dad.
While a Massachusetts gun lobbyist association disagrees with last week's state Supreme Judicial Court's ruling upholding a state ban on stun guns, some area law enforcement leaders and gun rights supporters are siding with the SJC that owning a stun gun is not a Second Amendment right.
So when a friend offered her a stun gun to protect herself, she took it.