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a weapon designed to disable a victim temporarily by delivering a nonlethal high-voltage electric shock

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Sentencing father-of-four Andrew Dempster, Judge Richard Bond said: "Why you would want to go to a foreign country and bring back a stun gun and a knuckleduster, I've no idea.
The maximum sentence for possessing a stun gun is five years in jail.
Magistrates ordered that the stun gun iPhone should be destroyed.
She said it was necessary to protect herself against an abusive boyfriend and challenged the constitutionality of the stun gun ban.
The company's latest offering, the YJ5, has a slimmer design than the original YellowJacket and sports a detachable stun gun pack, ambidextrous triggers, dual safety mechanisms and LED battery indicators.
Instead, Hulmston, who represented himself in court, pleaded guilty to possession of a stun gun found in a kitchen drawer, an air rifle in the lounge and PS6,000 of cash said to come from criminal enterprises which was hidden in the loft.
Police found Caetano's stun gun in her purse during a shoplifting investigation at a supermarket in 2011.
When officers arrived they were told he had a stun gun with him and that he had gone to the pub.
80 for each stun gun, which had the appearance of a torch.
A Dubai Police special unit arrived to arrest the man but he resisted, damaging a stun gun and ripping the police uniform of one of the officers.
Unauthorised possession of a stun gun is an offence, he added, and anyone finding it should contact the police immediately.
com), creators of the world's first stun gun smartphone case, announced the launch of a Change.
A DRUG dealer who bought a stun gun over the internet got a CS spray canister thrown in for free, a court heard.
However, Yellowjacket has gone a tad too far with the 140 dollars case, shooting a 'powerful sting' with the battery-powered stun gun.
A DRUNK has been jailed for five years for firearms offences after he stole a stun gun from a nightclub.